STULZ launched of the new models for server rooms

Date: 30 October 2019
STULZ launched of the new models for server rooms
STULZ launched of the new models for server rooms
STULZ launched of the new models for server rooms
STULZ launched of the new models for server rooms

STULZ launch of the CyberAir 3PRO DX series

STULZ has upgraded the DX models of its proven CyberAir 3 DX series – delivering even greater efficiency savings and increased cooling capacity.

Building on the success of the CyberAir 3 DX, STULZ has taken energy efficiency to the next level with the launch of the CyberAir 3PRO DX series. Offering exceptional Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) and Airflow Efficiency Ratios (AER), this enhanced range of precision cooling units ensures maximum reliability for mission critical applications, as well as achieving significant savings in energy and costs.

Providing the energy-saving advantages of indirect free cooling, the Stulz GES hybrid systems are available with outputs in excess of 100 kW. These new developments offer all output levels – from 30 kW to 130 kW and the provision of cooling systems with tandem compressors – capable of handling partial loads- potentially increasing further energy savings.

The range also includes units with integrated fans, available with standard ASD (Downflow) and ASU (Upflow) air conduction. By optimising the design, the units are now considerably more efficient than previous versions.

The key design benefits of the CyberAir 3PRO DX series include: higher cooling capacities with a minimum footprint, lower refrigerant requirements, and high sensitive cooling capacity (SHR). In addition, the units also boast the largest possible heat exchanger and filter surface areas for minimal pressure drops.

Flexibility is another significant advantage – the size, cooling capacity, air conduction and control system can be tailored to meet the precise requirements of mission critical facilities. In addition, as the supply air temperatures of the cooling systems lie within the recommended range of between 18 °C and 27 °C, they are fully ASHRAE-compliant.

The CyberAir 3PRO DX range currently provides five different cooling options, to help achieve the ideal balance between investment, operating costs and energy efficiency. Each design is optimised to help ensure the highest levels of IT uptime in mission-critical environments, through cost-effective thermal control.

STULZ presents new outdoor units for air conditioning in telecommunications and technology containers

The WallAir-3 series provides up to 16 kW cooling capacity in the smallest possible space and is suitable for applications in the 5G environment.

By using the weatherproof WallAir-3 series from STULZ, the entire surface inside the technology containers and outdoor housings is available for expansion with active technology.

With the WallAir 3 series, the Hamburg specialist for precision climate solutions STULZ presents its latest outdoor unit generation for efficient shelter cooling. The series is designed for the air conditioning of engineering containers, server rooms or edge infrastructure solutions and is available in capacities from 4.6 to 16 kW. The DX chillers are available with on / off or speed controlled EC technology. The highly reliable and energy-efficient operation of the WallAir-3 series means that they are already designed for 5G applications. The integrated free cooling module can also be combined with mechanical refrigeration in mixed operation, thus ensuring energy-saving cooling operation all year round. Compared to pure DX air conditioning units, this can save up to 90 percent of the electricity costs for cooling.

The compact and weatherproof WallAir 3 series air conditioners work on the simple and reliable principle of displacement cooling. By gravity and density differences between warm and cold air while a lake of cold air is generated, which is performed in front of the air intakes of the engineering housing. In addition, the WallAir-3 devices are fast and easy to maintain. Thanks to the hermetically sealed refrigeration cycle on all units with EC compressor (On / Off optional) and the small amount of refrigerant, the annual mandatory tightness tests are eliminated. Especially with decentralized infrastructures with a high number of locations, the service costs can be significantly reduced.

In the third generation, the proven WallAir series now has an advanced control system. The new STULZ Sec.Blue controller now offers an integrated Ethernet interface and a micro-SD port for firmware upgrades and data management. The central device configuration can be done via Ethernet or simply by USB stick without a laptop. The upload and download function can also be used to quickly and easily copy the configuration to other devices. Other control features include, for example, intelligent alarm management, sequencing settings, and energy saving and night modes.

Space-saving split air-con saves energy for server rooms

STULZ’s new EC Tower, is designed for rapid deployment and requires a third of the footprint of some conventional precision air-conditioning units.

Temperature management for IT infrastructure is critical, even for smaller server and technical rooms, and precision air-conditioning is vital. To meet this demand, a new split air-conditioning system – the EC Tower – has been launched by STULZ UK, offering high levels of reliability and precision control, in a fraction of the footprint of conventional air-conditioning systems.

“All too often, poorly specified cooling technology leads to erratic climate control, increased operating expenditure and costly disruption to IT operations. Downtime is not an option regardless of the size of the server room. However, precision cooling solutions, such as the EC Tower series, are ideally suited to technical spaces that cannot compromise on reliability, space or cost,” comments Phil McEneaney, Head of Sales, STULZ UK.

Reduced energy costs

The EC Tower series combines the proven reliability of STULZ's precision air-conditioning technology with the advantages of modern inverter outdoor condensing unit. A split climate solution, the EC Tower range can be rapidly deployed for heat loads of 5kW to 24 kW. A key advantage of the outdoor condensing unit is the ability to support dynamic capacity adjustment of the rated cooling capacity – which delivers significant energy savings.

“For SMEs this is an important consideration – energy efficiency is high on the agenda from a corporate responsibility perspective, but it also improves the bottom line,” McEneaney adds. The EC Tower series is designed for continuous, 24/7/ cooling of technical rooms. While conventional comfort air-conditioning units can use up to 40% of their cooling capacity in dehumidification, the EC Tower generates between 90% and 100% of sensible cooling capacity which reduces dehumidification and lost performance. The high Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR) value eliminates problems associated with removing moisture via the evaporator which can be an issue in technical environments, causing static build up within the technical equipment.

An additional benefit of the EC Tower is the increased distance between the internal and external condensing unit of up to 100 metres which enables flexible installation.

Space-saving solution

“We have listened to the needs of customers and developed a space-saving solution that offers the benefits of easy installation and precision control,” concludes McEneaney. When space is at a premium, this configuration will prove ideal for end users.”

In fact, the outdoor unit requires just 35% of the footprint of a conventional precision air-conditioning condenser and operation is also much quieter. Since the compressor is located in the outdoor unit, no noise emissions and no additional heat are generated in the technical room.

With the provision of the standardised EC Tower and inverter-controlled outdoor condensing units, delivery is also much faster at around two weeks. A wide range of accessories come as standard, including: fault indicators, fire shut down, common alarm, electric heating, EC compressor and much more.

STULZ presents new air conditioning indoor units for Edge and 5G applications

The TelAir 3 series from STULZ convinces with partially loadable EC compressors, high power density and improved free cooling performance. The cost-efficient air-conditioning system thus offers the optimum cooling solution for modern telecommunications expansion and mobile-edge applications.
The Hamburg-based air-conditioning specialist STULZ is expanding its offering for modern telecommunications applications. For this, the second generation of the proven TelAir air conditioning unit series has been technically revised. A TelAir 3 device with 16 kW power is available immediately, further sizes are to follow soon. The new TelAir-3 device offers higher power density, energy-saving EC compressors and improved free cooling performance.
The TelAir 3 series is specifically designed to cool shelters, engineering containers, server rooms or mobile edge applications. The indoor units are available in different versions with on / off function or energy saving EC compressor. Thus, they offer sufficient scope for both classic telecommunications projects as well as for next-generation applications in the 5G environment.

Thanks to the aerodynamically optimized air flow and a maximum free cooling air volume of 3400 m³ / h, the new TelAir 3 devices work even more efficiently in freecooling mix mode. The new system will save up to 83 percent in energy costs compared to pure DX devices. The actual savings potential is always dependent on the respective temperature and load parameters at the place of use. In the standard version, the TelAir-3 series supports outside air conditions of -20 to +50 ° C, for particularly demanding installation conditions, a winter kit is also available that enables safe operation down to -40 ° C. In addition, a high temperature version with 55 ° C maximum temperature and R134a refrigerant is available.

Like the predecessor series, the TelAir 3 series also supports all common air routing options: upflow, downflow and displacement cooling. With the displacement variant, the air direction can be adjusted horizontally or vertically as required thanks to adjustable slats. This ensures optimal cooling of servers and network devices. The internal assembly also protects the air conditioners against environmental influences and vandalism. Due to the sound-optimized design, the systems can be used easily in residential areas. The new TelAir 3 series from STULZ is rounded off by, among other things, an automatic emergency operation function, filter monitor and airflow alarm, as well as the state-of-the-art Sec.Blue control system.

The new STULZ Sec.Blue controller offers, among other things, an integrated Ethernet interface and a micro-SD port for firmware upgrades and data management. A central device configuration can be implemented either via Ethernet or via USB stick without a laptop. The upload and download function can also be used to quickly and easily copy the configuration to other devices. Intelligent alarm management also prevents unnecessary service calls.

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