The ELFOEnergy Edge EVO series is presented in a new design

Date: 22 June 2020
The ELFOEnergy Edge EVO series is presented in a new design
Clivet ELFOEnergy Edge EVO (WSAN-YMi), the series of air to water full DC inverter monoblock heat pumps for external installation, with the R32 refrigerant, available in 6 sizes from 5 kW to 16 kW, is now completed with additional 4 sizes from 18 kW to 30 kW.

The new WSAN-YMi 91-141 units all the features and functionalities that made the ELFOEnergy Edge EVO series at the forefront of its category, making it among the most competitive and innovative on the market.

New appearance

The whole ELFOEnergy Edge EVO series is presented in a new design and, thanks to an aesthetic appearance, it can be easily integrated into any living context. In fact, SPHERA EVO is the first testimonial of ALTO Design, the new product identity that recalls the concepts of freshness and purity, intrinsic in the Clivet brand.

Minimum size

The extremely compact dimensions of new WSAN-YMi 91-141 unit minimize to the minimum the overall dimensions of the units, making them perfect for the most challenging installations, where available spaces are the minimal.

Thanks to a footprint of only 530mm x 1130 mm are among the most compact of their category.

Top performances

Improved performances guarantee A+++ and A++ class in heating in Low Temperature (35°C leaving water) and A++ and A+ class in Medium Temperature (55°C leaving water). Besides, ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is also effective in cooling with SEER values up to 4,70.

Low noise operation

ELFOEnergy Edge Evo achieves silence levels at the top of the category, as it can also offer 2 additional operating modes: silenced and super silenced for even more challenging requirements.

Wide operating range

Operating range are among the widest on the market, ensuring a reliable operation in heating down -25°C of outdoor air temperature. ELFOEnergy Edge EVO allows also to supply hot water at 60°C even with -10°C of outdoor air temperature.


APP. ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is equipped with WiFi connection for connection with the dedicated APP, which allows to manage all the main functions of the heat pump. 

ELFOControl3. ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is compatible with ELFOControl3, the Clivet advanced control system to manage the operation of the entire system. It offers simplicity of use, high seasonal efficiency thanks to the optimization of units efficiency and operation, comfort improvement and operation safey for each ambient condition. 

Smart-grid e photovoltaic. With always more attention to environment and for an even greater application versatility, the new Smart-grid function is available for the operation integrated in a Smart-Grid (SG signal) or in combination with a photovoltaic system (EVU signal). 

Next developments

Cascade function. With this function i twill be possible to connect multiple units in parallel, offering a higher reliability of the system thanks to the redundancy, but also a more efficient operation when loads may change significantly during all year round operation.

Buffer tank. The 60 liters system tank (TANKX) to be positioned below the heat pumps to minimize spaces is already available. It can be combined with piping kit for the connection to the heat pump, either on the supply (KTCAMX) or on the return side (KTCARX). Available from October 2020.
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