The new air-cooled chiller with inverter screw compressors and HFO 1234ze refrigerant

Date: 24 April 2019

The new range of chillers for data centers

i-FR-G04-Z is the new air-cooled RC brand chiller, with inverter screw compressors and HFO 1234ze refrigerant. Designed to reduce the cost of managing modern data centers while ensuring complete reliability, the chiller combines full inverter technology with the advantages of an environmentally friendly HFO refrigerant.

The advantages of inverter technology

With a range from 377 to 1463 kW, the new i-FR-G04-Z features variable speed technology applied to compressors, fans, and hydronic module (optional). Thanks to the continuous adjustment of the compressors’ rotation speed, the unit can constantly supply the exact required cooling capacity, always working at high efficiency values.The new units include a start-up phase with very low in-rush currents, making additional equipment such as star-delta switches or soft-starters superfluous and unnecessary, with obvious advantages for the chiller units and the plant thatboth benefit from less electrical and mechanical stress.This new family meets and exceeds the most stringent minimum energy efficiency requirements imposed by the Eco-design Directive starting from 2021.

Environmental impact close to 0

The use of the 4thgeneration HFO 1234ze refrigerant, characterized by a negligible greenhouse effect compared to traditional HFC refrigerants (Global Warming Potential GWP of HFO 1234ze <1, GWP of R134a = 1300 according to IPCC 5threvision) and with zero impact on the ozone layer, makes the i-FR-G04-Z range the best choice for all future-oriented data centers that are looking for an eco-sustainable solution.The RC air-cooled chillers with inverter screw compressors are also available in the i-FR-G01-Z ranges, with R134a refrigerant, and i-FR-G05-Z with the new generation R513A refrigerant.

Technological choices

Reliability, simplified installation, and optimized performance: i-FR-G04-Z is the result of targeted technological choices. The high energy efficiency EC fans, presented as standard in these units, provide an accurate condensation control in all operating conditions.i-FR-G04-Z can operate at full load, with an evaporator water outlet temperature of 20°C, up to external air temperatures of 52°C: an optimal choice for IT Cooling applications even in places with high outdoor temperatures.The microchannel condensing aluminium coils ensure high levels of efficiency, reduced quantities of refrigerant and less unit weight. The device for detecting possible gas leaks, which is mounted inside each compressor enclosure as standard, is suitably wired to the electrical panel, and promptly signals any refrigerant leaks by generating an alarm. The integrated hydronic unit (available as an accessory) contains the main hydraulic components and allows you to optimize time and costs for on-site operations. All these features make the new units very compact, and therefore ideal not only for new systems, but also for replacing obsolete units in existing systems.

Equipped for critical applications

Designed to guarantee the highest standards of reliability for modern data centers, the i-FR-G04-Z includes a complete range of devices and functions that maximize the unit's operating time in the event of an emergency. From the Fast Restart that guarantees the restoration of the required cooling capacity in the shortest possible time, to the Double Power Supply which, thanks to the presence of an automatic switch, allows the unit to be connected to two separate power lines to improve system reliability.

Controller and interface

The i-FR-G04-Z is controlled by the W3000TE software. Characterized by advanced functions and algorithms, W3000TE has proprietary settings that guarantee a rapid response to the different dynamics of the system, in all operating conditions. Access to the controller is via the innovative KIPlink interface. Based on Wi-Fi technology, KIPlink goes beyond the traditional keyboard concept and allows you to operate on the unit directly from your mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or notebook.