The new app from Castel

Date: 12 March 2021
The new app from Castel
The new app from Castel simplifies the configuration and the choice of the refrigeration circuit components, it is able to provide selections for each different layout of the system and guide you in the design.

Wherever you are and with whatever operating system you are running, through the app and through entering the parameters of the system being designed or examined, it is possible to check the behavior of the valves, thus allowing the choice and installation of precise components that could affect the correct functioning of a system, and consequently optimize its performance.

Knowing the fundamental characteristics of the system, such as the evaporating temperature, the liquid temperature, the condensing temperature, the type of gas used and the branch of the circuit in which the valve is to be installed, it is possible to calculate the pressure drop generated by the valve, and therefore its suitability in this way you will optimize the choice for each type of fluid, for HFC, HFO, HC fluids and for subcritical or transcritical C02 installations.

You will not only be able to size and choose the valves! Using this app it is also possible to save the selection and all the data of the system in question in a PDF file and share it through any MEDIA, without any limitation or restriction generated by any operating system, be it IOS, Android or Windows.

Thanks to this indispensable tool it is also possible to check/validate the valves already mounted on in the system, Using the system information, and entering the pressure drop and the code of the Castel valve under examination, it is possible to evaluate whether the valve in the system is the correct valve, or if it is possible to optimize the choice.

The App provides a suggestion on selecting the most suitable component, and directs the customer to the family of Castel products most desirable for the fluid chosen, be it Polyhedra, Classic or GoGreen.

We are glad to affirm that This application reinforces the essential synergy between supplier and customer, strengthening the necessary proactive relationship that creates the environment for common growth.
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