The new LAUDA Versafreeze product line

Date: 02 February 2021
The new LAUDA Versafreeze product line

LAUDA, the world market leader in temperature control equipment and systems, is expanding its portfolio with the new LAUDA Versafreeze product line. This consists of high-quality ultra-freezers which have been optimized for the extreme requirements of deep-freeze storage. LAUDA thereby meets the requirements of vaccine producers, pharmaceutical service providers, vaccination centers and universities for the safe storage of temperature-sensitive corona vaccines and valuable medicines, chemical substances or biological samples. With a temperature range from 0 to -85 °C, LAUDA Versafreeze ultra-freezers provide state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, excellent insulating properties and the greatest possible protection, thanks to password-protected access rights and secure monitoring via the LAUDA Cloud.

Deep-freeze appliances with cutting-edge insulation technology

LAUDA Versafreeze freezer cabinets and chest freezers use a combination of vacuum insulation panels, thermofoil and diffusion-resistant foamed polyurethane insulation to protect against warming. This high-grade combination enables economical energy consumption, an excellent temperature homogeneity and consistency as well as short pull-down and maximum warm-up times. The insulation is also thinner with the same or even improved properties, leaving more space for the chamber. In the design, LAUDA relies uncompromisingly on components of the highest quality, such as vacuum panels from va-Q-tec, compressors from Embraco or controllers from Störk. After all, quality and reliability - and therefore the safety of valuable samples - are LAUDA's top priorities for its deep-freeze appliances.

In addition to this, LAUDA stands for continuity. As early as 2008, LAUDA-GFL was the first manufacturer in the world to set standards in the storage of sensitive pharmaceuticals by using efficient and natural refrigerants in ultra-freezers. Today, the use of sustainable refrigeration technology remains an essential component of LAUDA Versafreeze ultra-freezers.

Safe storage of valuable and sensitive materials

LAUDA Versafreeze deep-freeze appliances offer maximum sample reliability even in the event of a power failure, thanks to long thawing times. The integrated accumulator is a standard feature and ensures that the actual temperature display and alarm functions are maintained for a period of up to 60 hours. Locking systems right through to the individual drawer and inner compartment protect high-value and critical samples against tampering and access. New features of the Versafreeze deep-freeze appliances also include operation via an intuitive, modern touch display with a wide range of setting options, password-protected access rights and secure monitoring via the LAUDA Cloud. This allows critical values of the ultra-freezers to be checked and controlled independently of the location and appliance.

LAUDA Versafreeze can be optionally equipped with a safety cooling system for added safety. These systems protect against an uncontrolled temperature increase by keeping the chamber temperature constant at a freely definable value (-70 to 0 °C) through the controlled addition of LN2 or CO2 in the event of a failure of the appliance cooling system. LAUDA Versafreeze are available with safety cooling systems for either CO2 or LN2 coolants. LN2 is always used when the stored materials may not come in contact with CO2. LAUDA Versafreeze safety cooling systems include an accumulator which supplies power to the safety cooling system and the alarm module. An optional data logger for external control and recording of the chamber temperature is also available. The data logger has adjustable limit value monitoring with an acoustic alarm and sufficient memory for up to 60,000 measurement values with sample times from 1 sec to 24 h. All devices are equipped with a data logger integrated in the controller as standard.

Extensive accessories for individual customer requirements

LAUDA Versafreeze ultra-freezers are characterized by exceptional variability and perfectly tailored accessories. Upon request, the deep-freeze appliances can be equipped at the factory with additional options to increase safety and performance. In addition to an optionally selectable water cooling system, drawer sets, appliance-specific factory certificates, plug-in units for boxes, microtiter and DeepWell plates are available to make optimum use of the chamber of the deep-freeze appliance. Their use guarantees clearly arranged and safe storage of all the sample material. LAUDA Versafreeze ultra-freezers have proven themselves in a wide variety of applications for decades and also solve the most difficult problems, no matter whether they are series devices or special solutions. Special equipment and customized accessories can be flexibly manufactured in our high-quality in-house sheet metal processing shop.

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