Thermocold presented air-water chillers Domino with R454B refrigerant

Date: 22 September 2021
Thermocold presented air-water chillers Domino with R454B refrigerant
The DOMINO SEA range from 50 to 130 kW with EC STANDARD fans and single circuit configuration is now also available low GWP R454B refrigerant.

Higher performance for models with R454B refrigerant than the range with R410a.
The new line of air-water chillers has been designed to reach EER, SEER and SEPR HT values up to 5% higher than the models with R410a refrigerant while still maintaining the same super compact footprint, key feature of the DOMINO range, and ensuring a much lower environmental impact.
  • The innovative, compact and light design facilitates maintenance operations and, even when the modules are connected together, all components are easily accessible and disassembled.
  • The use of EC fans allows a significant reduction in energy consumption and noise level.
  • The integrated I-Pro advanced controller allows full compatibility with the MULTI-MANAGER system for modular configuration up to 6 units in cascade
  • 10 models available with R454B and R410a refrigerants can be combined with each other in order to reach the desired cooling capacity.
  • With Erp 2021 requirements for comfort and process applications.
Company are ready with a full range of products with R454B able to guarantee a lower environmental impact thanks to the low GWP new generation refrigerants: R454B with a GWP value of 467 now shows a 39% decrease compared to R32, the most popular refrigerant among  competitors.
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