thermofin evaporators and air coolers with special lamps for UV-C disinfection

Date: 29 April 2021
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Germ and virus-free with thermofin and UV-C
With thermofin evaporators and air coolers, which are equipped with special lamps for UV-C disinfection, you take the first step to protect your employees, your company and the environment. The UV-C radiation can destroy or inactivate bacteria, viruses and microorganisms.

UV-C disinfection can be offered as an option for our following series:

  • Cubic evaporators & air coolers (thermofin series TxN), standard: inside construction, optional: outside at the air inlet
  • Evaporators / air coolers with double coil (thermofin series TxDN)
  • Evaporators / air coolers for process rooms (thermofin series TxP)

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