Trane Introduces Exergy Series Heat Pumps, with up to 120 Degrees Celsius Heating Capacity

Date: 17 December 2021
Trane Introduces Exergy Series Heat Pumps, with up to 120 Degrees Celsius Heating Capacity
Trane expanded its heating solutions portfolio with new Trane Exergy Series heat pumps. The Exergy Series units deliver heating capacity of up to 120 degrees Celsius and can replace oil and gas boilers in industrial process, buildings and district heating applications.

The Trane Exergy heat pumps deliver highest temperature of the generated heat on the market, and can source energy from natural water as well as wastewater or industrial processes, at a temperature range between -20 degrees Celsius and +45 degrees Celsius. This gives customers the operational flexibility and widens the scope of applications, where this energy can be recovered, extracted and used as a source for efficient and environmentally responsible heating.

The new Trane Exergy Series heat pumps are manufactured in cooperation with Oilon, Finnish energy and cleantech company with over 60 years of experience in generating heat for private residences, large residential buildings, district heating networks, and for a variety of industrial processes.

Jose La Loggia, president of Trane in Europe, Middle East and Africa said “At Trane, reducing the energy intensity is the guiding principle in everything we do. Sustainable electrification of heating and cooling is bringing us a step closer to being successful in changing the industry and improving air quality in and around Europe´s cities. Our goal is to make an impact and today we’re again furthering the electrification of conventional heating systems with our partnership with Oilon. Expanding the Trane heating portfolio with the new Exergy Series, we now give our customers in Europe the option to choose from the widest range of sustainable heating solutions on the market.”

Erik van Oossanen, portfolio manager at Trane Europe added “Communities, buildings and industry generate huge amounts of waste heat that contains valuable energy. With the Trane Exergy heat pump, our customers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs get new opportunities to extract and reuse this excessive energy for clean and energy efficient heating in traditionally carbon-intensive applications.”

The new Trane Exergy Series heat pumps are available in capacities between 30 to 2000 kW and feature the near-zero global warming potential (GWP) R-1234ze refrigerant. The technology offers up to 400% higher efficiency compared to most fossil-fueled boiler systems and is designed to:

  • Recover waste heat at cooling plants to generate hot water and substituting valuable primary energy
  • Recover heat from municipal or industrial waste waters, which can then be used in industrial processes or channelled into the district heating network.
  • Utilize ground source heat energy for heating, replacing off-site heat sources
  • Utilize heat from evaporators, cooling towers, driers etc., which in industrial processes is often released into the environment, and produce heating energy for industrial processes
  • Together with an outdoor cooling unit, extract heat from outdoor air and use it for heating spaces, producing hot water etc.
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