Trane updates water-cooled spiral chillers Flex2O

Date: 07 May 2021
Trane updates water-cooled spiral chillers Flex2O
Trane announced the latest updates to its water-cooled spiral chillers and Flex2O water heat pumps. Designed to provide year-round comfort and efficiency in the cooling and / or heating process in a small footprint, Flex2O chillers are now available in a single unit up to 700 kW and feature the new Trane Symbio 800 controller for connection to a building automation system and communications.

The compact, modular design of Flex2O chillers offers scalability and configuration flexibility, allowing up to six chillers to work together to meet facility performance and efficiency requirements. Thanks to the increased efficiency provided by a single Flex2O chiller, building owners and facility managers can now more easily adapt their system's performance to changing heating and cooling needs over the life of the building.

The connected Symbio 800 controller has the added functionality that allows business owners and service technicians to remotely monitor performance, track and control to remotely manage cooling and heating when they are not on site. Equipped with a Symbio 800 controller, Flex2O units now come standard with outputs for easy connection to building automation systems, allowing smaller buildings to benefit from connectivity and extended diagnostic capabilities, including remote monitoring and service interface via standard browsers internet.

Trane Flex2O water-to-water heat pumps meet the highest efficiency class Ecodesign A +++ and respond to environmental and sustainable development efforts in urban areas, offering an efficient alternative to traditional gas or oil boilers and compatibility with geothermal applications. Combining performance with a small footprint, the compact Flex2O chillers are particularly suitable for both new projects and retrofits in all commercial and industrial applications in city centers and buildings with limited space and difficult access.

The most important features of Trane Flex2O chillers are:

  • Broad scope of activities enabling specific design criteria for applications such as hospitals, office buildings, larger residential buildings, warehouses and industrial applications:
  • Chilled water temperature from -7 °C to + 25 °C
  • Hot water temperature up to + 60 °C
  • Trane Symbio ™ 800 controller with the following features:
  • Communication and interaction with building management controllers using an open communication standard - Generic Bacnet IP and Modbus TCP-IP
  • Better serviceability with built-in service interfaces accessible via standard web browsers
  • Connectivity and remote hardware access, intelligent analytics services, diagnostics and reporting, and upgradable software for future enhancements.
  • System optimized for connection to HVAC systems based on air handling units, underfloor heating, radiators or chilled beams.
  • Compact and intelligent design that allows the device to be carried through doors and service lifts, and positioned with its long side against the wall, while allowing full access to the main components.

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