Williams launches new Gem Multideck range

Date: 25 January 2022
Williams launches new Gem Multideck range
Williams launches new Gem Multideck range
Williams launches new Gem Multideck range
Williams launches new Gem Multideck range
Williams launches new Gem Multideck range
The new Gem Multidecks have been designed to minimise energy consumption while maximising the eye-catching display that has made them such a big seller.

The new models, most energy efficient Multidecks to date, are TUV certified, fully EcoDesign and MEPS-compliant, and use a combination of re-engineered airflow features, heat exchangers and green refrigerant.

The upgrades apply to the full range of chilled Gem Multidecks, from the space-saving R Series, with the R70 model having a slimline footprint of 710mm wide by 695mm deep and a 201 litres capacity, to the high volume M Series, with the largest model, the M180, offering a maximum capacity of 918 litres on a footprint 1856mm wide by 795mm deep.

Multidecks are available in a wide range of sizes, with each of the three Series available in five different widths, meaning there’s a model to fit every site.

Natural hydrocarbon refrigerant is standard for all our Multidecks, which reduces energy consumption due to its excellent thermodynamic properties. Its charge is under the 150gm threshold, which removes the need for site inspections, while also featuring low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).

Further enhancements have also been made to reduce energy through a variety of key feature upgrades, all designed to keep cold air in.

They include reshaped bottom air curtain inlets, which also improve temperature control of the lower shelves, and heat exchangers that enhance the performance of the refrigeration system. Meanwhile the top air discharge now has a honeycomb profile, which further improves the air curtain’s protective function by keeping the cold air within the display.

The price ticket holder on the shelves has been re-engineered to maximise energy efficiency, which features a gap between the shelf and the bevel-shaped ticket holder strip. This arrangement funnels the air curtain into the cabinet, minimising cold air leakage and further reducing energy consumption. The new ticket holders also make it easier to replace tickets and their shape gives better visibility for the customer.

The cabinet’s end panels now feature transparent vertical profiles that minimise cold air leakage to the sides, again enhancing the air curtain’s performance, preserving safe temperatures and reducing energy consumption. Optional panoramic glass side panels offer all round visibility, not only providing a greater Total Display Area (TDA) but also giving an improved energy efficiency index.

The touchscreen controller at the top of the Multideck, which displays the temperature and allows for customisation, has also been redesigned. It manages the internal temperature control with up to three probes. The controller has system data monitoring and remote recording, including for HACCP, as well as NFC (Near Field Communication), which offers further system monitoring options.

Options available include LED strip lights, which are inset within the ticket holders, enhancing the display while using little energy and generating minimal heat.

Other options include night blinds, security shutters, front doors, which can be sliding or hinged, rear loading doors for easy restocking of goods, impulse snack selection baskets for added merchandising potential, food tray slides, glass shelves and mirrored side panels.

There’s also the option of remote refrigeration and the ability to multiplex the units to create an attention-grabbing display. The Multidecks are available in a wide selection of colour combinations too, through our Chameleon wrap service, which can be matched to existing décor or feature any design to help make the display stand out.

The Multideck’s operating temperature range is from +3°C to +5°C, making it suited to a wide choice of chilled food display.
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