Compressors And Their Equipment 2020

Where: Russia, Europe
When: 23 September 2020 - 25 September 2020
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22-nd annual international industrial Symposium on «Compressors and their equipment»

Saint-Petersburg, 27th May –29st May 2020

Industrial Symposium on “Compressors and their equipment” takes place since the 1994. It is provided for the cooperation of compressor equipment consumers and producers.

Annually the Symposium has been gathering all of the main compressor equipment consumers and producers at its space. It is dedicated to the questions of compressor equipment exploitation and production and is held on the base of Compressor, Vacuum and Refrigeration Equipment Department. Here the participants can share their experience and make new business relationship.

The main subjects of the Symposium:

  • Compressors and their equipment exploitation, maintenance and diagnostics;

  • Compressors and their equipment packaging and development of technical specifications for them;

  • Questions about acceptance of compressor equipment by a customer;

  • Cooperation between a customer and a supplier during compressor equipment life cycle;

  • Modern achievements in the field of compressor equipment and package design and production and in the field of compressor equipment automation and adjustment.

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