Cool Logistics Global 2018


9th Cool Logistics Global conference and exhibition

The annual Cool Logistics Global conference in Europe connects perishable cargo owners with cold chain logistics and transport professionals from around the world to assess key market trends and operational best practice for the international movement of chilled and frozen cargoes by air, land and sea.

The speed of new technologies being rolled out across the manufacturing sector is mind blowing.   Artificial intelligence and transformational solutions, capacity planning and predictive tools, disruptive technologies coming under the heading of ‘industry 4.0’, cloud-based, in-house vs off-the shelf systems are all providing new opportunities for perishable logistics in different shape or form. But even as early adopters of new technologies are reaping the benefits from timely investment in process automation, the shortening ‘shelf-life’ of technologies is posing its own challenges. The sheer volume and speed of data exchange available in the refrigerated transport and logistics sector is creating its own uncertainties and all too often operational cost savings are only partially. Although the reefer trucking and trailer sector was the first one to embrace 4.0 indeed well before the oceanfreight sector, there is a case for comparing landfreight and oceanfreight experiences and avoid the pitfalls of ‘operational waste’. Learning from early adopters of new technologies can be a way for ‘technophobes’ to make up the ground lost to the competition. New concepts derived from ‘sharing and streaming economy’ can open up a new dawn for collaboration, involving ideas such as ‘crowd-funding’ to be developed in the perishable industry. Asset owning without a firm grip on proper asset management represents a huge financial risk. Equally a shortage of transportation assets can put the logistics sector at a considerable disadvantage and a loss of commercial opportunities. Listening to practical experiences of both shippers and service providers can be beneficial for anybody pondering their next investment decisions.

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