According to Technomic, US-based food consultancy firm, in 2016 consumers worldwide spent US$2.7 trillion - 29% of which was in North America and 24% in Europe. As the industry grows and becomes a truly global marketplace, the trends that get identified in markets like the US, the UK or continental Europe start to replicate themselves in markets around the world and, while some differences occur in the details, the broader trends can be said to be global.  From changes in consumer needs to innovative tech concepts, from increased competition to tackling rising costs of operations, Leaders in HORECA Summit will help you to maintain a firm grasp on the latest trends and the most successful strategies to improve your bottom line and meet consumer demand.

 Leaders in HORECA Summit is the only event in region that brings together key influencers in the food serving market. From owners and operators to investors and regulators, from C-level F&B professionals to Michelin star chefs, from leading suppliers to the most senior industry decision makers & trends setters, the summit provide the unique platform to explore region specific market insights, emerging trends, revolutionary concepts, successful business strategies and array of business opportunities. Join the movers and shakers of the industry to share ideas, bring innovation and explore best practices from around the globe through the series of highly efficient networking events, most knowledge packed agenda, controversial debates, exclusive product showcase and product tasting as well as pre-arranged business meetings which will take place on 28th-29th November 2017 in Prague.


 "This year’s summit marks an important turning point for the HORECA industry – where hotels have accepted the realities of food and drinks leading positive reviews of their hotels & restaurants, and are now beginning to fully explore all the opportunities that they offer. It's an exciting time to be a HORECA professional and to be involved in the regional hotel industry, with heightened deal activity throughout the market," said Elena Jassim, CEO of International Business Council Group s.r.o

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