World Refrigeration Day 2022

When: 26 June 2022
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Industry trade associations and professional bodies from around the world are united in establishing June 26th as World Refrigeration Day which will be celebrated all over the globe as an annual event. 
This day is birthday of physicist Sir William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (1824-1907).

World Refrigeration Day serves as a means of raising awareness and understanding to the general public of the significant role that the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pumps industry and technology play in modern life and society with RACHP and HVACR organisations and professionals around the world undertaking a range of activities.

Food available when and where we choose. Apps that make our cell phones personal assistants and inanimate products SMART. Vaccines to protect us from disease, and medicines to cure disease. Cities thriving in places once inhabitable. They all require cooling.

“Cooling is at the very heart of modern life. It enables people to live and work comfortably, it saves lives, it enables people to achieve. The need for cooling is everywhere, it touches lives in fantastic, though often unnoticed ways. However, we look at it, cooling matters to us.” said Steve Gill, founder of World Refrigeration Day.

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Have a great World Refrigeration Day 2022!

Greetings friends,
I welcome everyone who works in the refrigeration industry, who produces, supplies and maintenances refrigeration equipment.
The World Refrigeration Day is coming soon. Take my congratulations! :)

This day shows how the refrigeration technologies are important. How the refrigeration industry, the cooling industry make people’s life better worldwide. 
Each of you makes life better everyday.
Cooling matters.

Refrigeration technologies are changing rapidly: there is more and more information, challenges and opportunities 
And we, Refrigeration industry team, help you make life better :). 
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So feel free to ask us for any help and share your ideas how we can help to the refrigeration industry to make life better worldwide, everyday.

Thank you very much for your support. And special thanks to Stephen Gill who created and promotes this day.

Have a great World Refrigeration Day 2022!

Kind regards,
Sergei Mukminov
Editor-in-chief refindustry.com

Watch the webinar recording

The event was timed to World Refrigeration Day 2022.

The speakers:
  • 5:09 Francesco Faralli, Sales engineer Officine Mario Dorin: "Compressor technology for industrial refrigeration"
  • 31:49 Filippo Simionato, Technical and sales engineer Hitema International: "Customized solutions for data center industrial application"
  • 48:36 Nikolay Koev, Sanhua Europe Food Retail Market Manager: "Advanced EEV and Control solution for Refrigeration applications"

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ASHRAE To Observe World Refrigeration Day

On June 26, ASHRAE, along with government and industry organizations from world will highlight the impact of refrigeration technologies on everyday life by observing World Refrigeration Day. World Refrigeration Day, is an international initiative that raises the awareness of cooling’s benefits and inspires development and adoption of innovative and sustainable cooling solutions.

This year’s theme, “Cooling Matters,” stresses the importance of cooling in a wide variety of daily areas like food, data centers, medicine and air conditioning.

“We witnessed the importance of refrigeration in helping to mitigate a global pandemic by keeping vaccines cold and their efficacy high, among other uses that are critical to health, comfort, and the welfare of humanity.” said 2021-22 ASHRAE President Mick Schwedler, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, LEED AP. “ASHRAE has always provided trusted technical expertise and leadership in refrigeration and cooling technologies and is pleased to support World Refrigeration Day.”

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For World Refrigeration Day, AIRAH is sharing the recent keynote address from Dr Paul Bannister, L.AIRAH, at our Refrigeration Conference (May 2022).

Keynote address: Climate change challenges and opportunities for refrigeration             

For more information about World Refrigeration Day visit www.worldrefrigerationday.org.

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