The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) gears up for its 19th edition of ACREX India in February 2018.


 After the resounding success of ACREX India 2017 organized by the The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), the society is steadily gearing up for the 19th edition of the exhibition that is slated to happen from 22nd to 24th of February, 2018 at BIEC, Bangalore. Last year, people from across the globe attended the event and witnessed one of the largest displays of HVAC products offered by national and international exhibitors.


 This edition of ACREX India promises to venture into exciting themes like sustainability, green buildings, eco-friendly innovations and carbon neutrality while expecting more than 500 exhibitors and participation from major global players across 30 countries. One of the highlights for the annual exhibition this year will be ISHRAE’s collaboration with United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to discuss the technological developments in zero-ODS and low-GWP RAC technologies as well as the regulatory and policy measures needed to scale up their adoption, thereby maximizing ozone, climate and energy efficiency benefits.

 At ACREX India 2018, UNEP will be hosting an exclusive ‘Ozone Pavilion’ which will serve as a platform for organizations to come and showcase their respective Ozone2, climate friendly technologies and products. The ‘Ozone Pavilion’ will serve as a testimony to efforts shown towards building ozone and climate friendly refrigerant technologies or systems. Additionally, in line with the ACREX India vision of becoming the largest network and the most dynamic platform for the HVAC&R and the building construction Industry, ISHRAE has advocated the importance of natural resources, recycling and reusing materials alongside employing energy efficient equipments is the key to organic sustenance. Laying importance on efficient use of resources such as energy, water among other, will aid in protecting occupant’s health and improving quality of life. ACREX India’s main focus revolves around the fact that the Indian consumer market is ever growing and so is its infrastructure. With the HVAC & R industry benefiting from this growth, thereby making India a consumer market to be reckoned with and a destination that attracts many international companies to come and sell their products. As ACREX India 2018 gears up to be a truly international show, ISHRAE, as an industry body, continues to protect the environment, facilitate energy conservation and improve the impact of HVAC&R on the marine, food & refrigeration, indoor & outdoor air quality management, medical and the cold chain industry. This is in line with the larger goal of promoting energy efficiency, sustainability and achieving advanced functional and aesthetical value in the HVAC&R industry, that is going to be addressed though ACREX 2018.  

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