Beijer Ref introduction the CO2 Systems Training Course

Date: 19 February 2020
Beijer Ref  introduction the CO2 Systems Training Course
The CO2 Systems Training Course designed and delivered by the Beijer Ref companies - Kirby and SCM Frigo has delivered a significant industry contribution by providing HVAC&R technicians an accessible and free means of gaining practical and relevant CO2 refrigerant and systems knowledge.

The CO2 Systems Training course was developed with the purpose to keep building the technical expertise and confidence amongst HVAC&R technicians - to drive acceptance of the technology further. As one of global leading providers of temperature control solutions, Beijer Ref is committed to energy efficient solutions that are safe for the planet.

Attendants come away with a better understanding of safe CO2 working practices, a better understanding of critical points vs HFC systems and more confidence in servicing and maintaining CO2 transcritical and subcritical systems.

Over the timeframe of 16 months, Kirby and SCM Frigo successfully delivered over 158 hours of training hours and trained 230 industry technicians. Being an internally developed and delivered course has allowed the format to remain adaptable to meet specific customer needs and deliverability to remain largely on demand.

At the time of launch, no other Australian OEM, technology provider or wholesaler had embarked on this level of face to face CO2 training in Australia. The development and delivery of the course has been industry thought provoking – challenging the concept of supplier vs institution based training.

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