Criocabin's special equipment for IKEA

Date: 03 August 2018

As part of a project to refurbish its catering spaces, IKEA has chosen Criocabin as its partner to make three custom products that meet specific functional and aesthetic requirements.

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This partnership has resulted in the creation of a special Elisir display cabinet with a stainless steel top, Plexiglass front doors with flap openings, rear sliding doors, two fixed glass shelves and Crioled lighting for the shelves and top cover.

This is accompanied by a special Ethos display cabinet comprising two units positioned back to back, with a stainless steel interior, tilting shelves with a price holder and product retainer, Crioled lighting for the shelves and top cover, and special stainless steel and glass side panels.

And finally, a special EDB display cabinet, with an internal structure specifically designed for displaying products on glass shelves.

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