Marley MBX EZ Pack Fill for cooling tower maintenance projects

Date: 26 February 2019
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Marley MBX EZ Pack Fill is a high-performing, bottom-supported, two-piece PVC pack specifically designed for cooling tower maintenance projects. The replacement fill system simplifies handling and installation, so maintenance is fast and easy without requiring major tower modifications.

Available in various height dimensions and air travels (from 48–60 inches), the MBX EZ Pack Fill system is stackable for modular towers, adaptable for various slope conditions, and easy for the contractor to stock and cut to size. The steel bottom support structure is easy to assemble and requires no hardware.

Thermoformed from inert PVC for long service life and minimal maintenance, the MBX EZ Pack Fill incorporates highly efficient cellular drift eliminators and louvers, which are integrally molded into the fill sheets. Drift eliminators and louvers help achieve low drift rates, retain water within the cooling tower and ensure precise air distribution throughout wide variations in airflow.

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