Start of K-Series (formerly KAPPA) Compressors Production at Secop s.r.o.

Date: 11 November 2020
Start of K-Series (formerly KAPPA) Compressors Production at Secop s.r.o.

The Secop Group is currently optimizing its operations in Europe, combining production and logistics in one place to take advantage of synergies and improve efficiency. The start of production of the new platform of K-Series (formerly KAPPA) compressors at the plant in Zlaté Moravce kicked off in October. On October 21, 2020, everything was set to begin production. A symbolic cutting of the tape and commissioning the line took place with the participation of representatives from the project team and company’s management.

The employees were addressed by the general director of the plant, Mr. Iztok Virant with the words, “Today is an important day for Secop in Zlaté Moravce, and I am extremely proud that after several months of intensive preparations, we can say that the first step of KAPPA’s relocation has been completed. It is an important day, which marks the symbolic beginning of a new era of our town and the first step towards a promising future. The launch of the K-Series platform paves the way for growth, successful economic operation as well as job opportunities for us, our families, and members of our community.”

According to him, the decision to move KAPPA’s production from the Austrian plant is a well-deserved consequence of the hard and dedicated work of all employees over the past years. He also pointed out their expertise and high industrial skills. Words of thanks and appreciation went to all those who prepared and managed the project of moving production from Austria in a record short time.

Thanks to the production of 6 different platforms on 5 production lines, today the plant in Zlaté Moravce is becoming the largest and most important plant within the Secop Group. The arrival of a new product and relocation of production lines means an opportunity to create more jobs for the residents of Zlaté Moravce and the surrounding region at the plan as well as for suppliers in the local community. Secop offers long-term and stable work for employees and their families as well as opportunities for personal growth. The Slovakian plant currently employs more than 750 employees in the field of production, product development, logistics, and support departments.

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