Alfa Laval launched the new brazed plate heat exchangers

Date: 25 February 2022
Alfa Laval launched the new brazed plate heat exchangers
Alfa Laval launched the new brazed plate heat exchangers
Alfa Laval launched the new brazed plate heat exchangers
Alfa Laval launched the new Alfa Laval AC540 brazed plate heat exchanger at their first online net-zero launch event, where they showcased new, cutting-edge thinking in energy-efficiency, clean energy, and circular-economy solutions. To address the many changes that are reshaping the rapidly-evolving world of refrigerants, Alfa Laval developed the Alfa Laval AC540 family of brazed plate heat exchangers, with designs that are specifically optimized to work with R32, carbon dioxide, and other low-GWP refrigerants.

Increasing the use of low-GWP refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as propane and HFCs such as R32, is one key aspect of addressing climate impact. Another important aspect is reducing the energy required per unit of cooling. The AC540 family is targeted to do both, in a kW range designed to meet the requirements of system builders.

CO2 is also gaining prominence in the market, having become the norm in commercial refrigeration applications, such as in supermarkets, and also has benefits in other applications, including large-capacity chillers and large heat pumps.

The Alfa Laval AC540 family of brazed plate heat exchangers was designed to meet these challenges
In terms of size, capacity and place within our offering, the AC540 family falls between the AC502 and the AC1000 and is ideal for use with multiple scroll chillers from 250-800kW. It is 750 mm high and 400 mm wide and works with a wide range of high-density, low-GWP refrigerants.

The AC540 family incorporates unique, cutting-edge features, including DynaStaticTM distribution, which can be optimized for a specific application and refrigerant, and IceSafe, which helps our customers manage freezing. The 540 family also features FlexFlow TM and PressureSecure, which enables reliable operation even at very high pressures.

The 540 family includes four models, all of which are manufactured at Alfa Laval’s new, state-of the-art factory in San Bonifacio, Italy.

  • The ACK540 is a high-capacity unit that offers exceptional thermal performance making it ideal for evaporation duties in HVAC applications.
  • The ACH540 is similar in design to the ACK540, but with a design pressure of 48 bar, it is more suitable for use with other high density refrigerants.
  • The CBP540 can be used as a flooded CO2 evaporator, making it possible to extend the benefits of plate technology to duties that were traditionally limited to shell & tube heat exchangers.
  • The ACP540 is optimised for CO2. It functions as a DX evaporator for use in subcritical cascade systems.

The TS45 is the world’s most modern gasket plate heat exchanger. Every inch of its design is intentionally created with flexibility and performance in mind. This means that it is the most versatile of its kind on the market and can benefit virtually any application, especially cooling duties.

These large new plates are packed with innovations to take thermal efficiency to new hights. The first of which is Alfa Laval’s noncircular inlet and outlet OmegaPort. This small design change has significant results. Thanks to an increased thermal surface area it can boost efficiency across the whole plate pack. In some cases, it even means that fewer plates are required per pack without losing out on performance.

The second new innovation that helps keep the TS45 at the front of the range is Alfa Laval’s FlexFlow design. This new design incorporates asymmetric channels that optimize thermal efficiency, resulting in up to 30% higher efficiency and reduced fouling. In other words, it helps provide long-term, cost-effective, and quality performance.

The third and final big innovation that makes the TS45 a cut above the rest is the installation of Alfa Laval’s CurveFlow plate pattern. This new pattern improves media flow and distribution, so the risk of fouling an unplanned downtime is considerably reduced. Thanks to this new technology Alfa Laval’s customer can save even more on time, energy, and maintenance costs.

While the innovations mentioned are designed to take Alfa Laval’s customers to new levels of productivity, the TS45 has one other crucial benefit to be proud of. Regardless of the application or position this gasketed plate heat exchanger is put in, it will help save energy and minimize carbon emissions in every process. Alfa Laval’s objective in this design has been very clear from the start: solve customer challenges in more sustainable and cost-efficient ways. The development of the TS45 has therefore reflected that. Every new innovation is targeted towards reducing the customer’s total cost of ownership as well as producing quality results.
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