BITZER CKHE7 CO₂ compressor for transcritical applications

Date: 15 October 2020
BITZER CKHE7 CO₂ compressor for transcritical applications

BITZER is presenting a world premiere at this year’s Chillventa eSpecial: with the BITZER CKHE7 CO₂ compressor for transcritical applications, the specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology enables system manufacturers to build large capacity systems with a smaller number of compressors. CKHE7 is the extension of the proven BITZER CKHE5 series of reciprocating compressors. The difference: it is designed for the high cooling capacities of industrial refrigeration with CO₂ as a refrigerant.

Market trends show an increasing demand for industrial refrigeration plants with higher refrigeration capacities and the capability to use CO₂ as refrigerant. Up to now, projects with required cooling capacities of more than 5 MW had to be divided into several individual systems. To meet the trend for bigger capacities, BITZER developed its new 8-cylinder CO₂ compressor CKHE7 with displacement rates between 69.4 and 99.2 m3/h. It is equipped with various intelligent functions and a further-developed version of the mechanical capacity control VARISTEP. The market introduction of CKHE7 will start in the course of 2021.

BITZER is expanding its CKHE compressor series widely with this series being the further development of the proven BITZER ECOLINE design. Also the 4-cylinder compressors for transcritical CO₂ applications

CKHE3 and CKHE4 are being presented in the course of Chillventa eSpecial: CKHE3 will be available in three models ranging from 4.2 to 9.6 m³/h at 50 Hz, CKHE4 in six models from 9.3 to 26 m³/h at 50 Hz.

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