CHEREAU introduces the first hydrogen refrigerated semi-trailer

Date: 11 July 2019
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On July 4, 2019, the keys to CHEREAU ROAD vehicle, the first hydrogen refrigerated semi-trailer, were handed over at Ducey site.

On this occasion, the company organized a press conference to present this world premiere.

This event is an opportunity for CHEREAU and its partners to introduce in exclusivity the collaborative project ROAD aimed at creating the refrigerated semi-trailer of the future.
ROAD is the first refrigerated semi-trailer in the world that running at on hydrogen. Its represents a share of our contribution to the energetic and ecological ongoing transition. 

The ROAD semi-trailer meets the following criteria:

  • More efficient
  • More respectful
  • More quiet
  • More autonomous

This press conference marks the beginning of the last phase of a major three-year project involving many partners and requiring an investment of €5.5 million. Indeed ROAD is entering its last phase: tests in real conditions within the Transports Malherbe.
CHEREAU is clearly positioned for the future through this collaborative project, which prefigures the refrigerated semi-trailer of tomorrow, which is environmentally friendly and runs on hydrogen thanks to a fuel cell.

• September 2016: Beginning of the project
• August 2017: Specifications validated by technological brick (including customer requirement)
• September 2017: Consortium agreement signed, start of the design of the various technological bricks
• September 2018: Completion of the technological brick design, start of vehicle manufacturing
• March 2019: Prototype manufactured, start of lab and road tests.
• September 2019: End of the tests, assessment by technological brick. End of the project.

This press conference has been the opportunity to hand over the keys to the carrier Malherbe, who will carry out tests on this innovative semi-trailer in operation in his company.

But before leaving on the road, with temperature-controlled goods, the ROAD vehicle had to be recharged with hydrogen. The hydrogen has been filled up in Saint-Lô at the station located within the department's house, just after the event.

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