Continuous Modulation For All Transcritical CO2 Systems

Date: 11 May 2018
CAREL will be presenting its complete range of “EmJ” modulating ejectors, and will extend the concept of continuous modulation to small and medium formats through the introduction of pR multi DC, the first controller able to manage multiple DC compressors on the same line. From small convenience stores to large supermarkets, the energy efficiency of transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems can now also be optimised in warm and temperate climates. The EmJ modulating ejector is available in six different sizes in order to provide an efficient response for every type of store. Transcritical CO2 systems can thus be installed in supermarkets of all sizes, always maintaining high performance and ensuring energy savings compared to traditional solutions. One essential feature of the solution is the continuous modulation provided by the ejectors that, through dedicated control algorithms, allow the system to continuously adapt to the variations in operating conditions that are typical of refrigeration systems. The pR multi DC controller offers new possibilities for small and medium systems, up to 40 kW. Extended modulation capacity, guaranteed by the use of a DC inverter on each compressor, ensures new levels of efficiency: up to 20% more efficient than conventional technologies. Through synchronisation with pRack pR300T, pR multi DC can manage up to 4 MT compressors and 2 BT compressors for CO2 booster applications. The product features are completed by precise envelope management and full compatibility with CAREL supervisory systems, thus simplifying system management and increasing reliability and efficiency. At the heart of the system is the CAREL pRack pR300T controller for compressor racks, providing integrated and synchronised management of all the rack components. Modulating ejectors and now also DC compressors are managed by advanced algorithms that guarantee energy efficiency and precise control. Further system simplifications are guaranteed by integrated management of all system components, such as transcritical valves, ejectors and now also DC compressors. Continuous modulation Continuous modulation represents the cutting-edge of CAREL’s solutions, from electronic expansion valves, to control systems for DC compressors and modulating ejectors. With its precise continuous modulation systems, CAREL can ensure maximum system efficiency at all times, optimally managing the different operating conditions and adapting to different system requirements, especially at part load.
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