Danfoss Introduces the New CO2 Valve CCMT Light for Small Format Stores

Date: 05 May 2020
Danfoss Introduces the New CO2 Valve CCMT Light for Small Format Stores

The CCMT Light is the latest addition to Danfoss CO2 portfolio. The valve is robust, accurate, and easy-to-use, with a focus on stress-free valve installation and field service. It has a high tolerance for dirt and debris, reducing service-related incidences and improving long-term system reliability.

The valve is delivered fully assembled and in open position, ready for welding or brazing, which drastically reduces installation time, lowers production costs, and increases productivity.

The CCMT Light is available in 3 types, each covering a different capacity: 0.3 Kv, 0.5 Kv, and 0.8 Kv. It is designed specifically for small CO2 applications and is optimum for condensing units or small packs up to 100kW.

A quick overview of the CCMT Light:

  • Compact design with smallest footprint
  • Light weight – 670g
  • Stepper motor–operated valve
  • Angled valve housing, one flow direction
  • Fully serviceable
  • Dual-purpose connections, bi-metal and steel
  • Regualtion down to 5% of full capacity
  • Tight pressure control, low hysteresis 

One valve, many possibilities

The valve has versatile applications in the transcritical system. First, the valve is capable of high-pressure gas cooler control (transcritical). Second, the CCMT can be used as gas by-pass valve (medium pressure control). Evaporator control functionality is currently undergoing testing. 

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