Danfoss presented the new ICF 20-2 solenoid valve

Date: 05 May 2022
Danfoss presented the new ICF 20-2 solenoid valve
With the introduction of the ICF 20-2, the successor to the legendary EVRA(T) 15/20, Danfoss has engineered a future-proof solenoid valve boosted by tighter and safer performance - and compatible with a wider range of applications.

The EVRA(T) solenoid valve is a cooling legend known for its easy configuration and serviceability. But as the demand for sustainable and efficient cooling applications rises, so does the need for safer, greener, and more versatile solutions. 

Featuring many upgrades, the ICF 20-2 is designed for easier installation, leak-proof performance in a much broader range of pressures and temperatures, and seamless scalability as part of the ICF platform.

“As the cooling industry looks towards more sustainable solutions, we wanted to offer a future-proof solenoid valve built for reliable operation across more applications,” says Alejandro Figeuroa, Product Manager at Danfoss Climate Solutions.

One of the biggest improvements is the replacement of the EVRA(T) 15/20’s outdated flanges and gaskets with ICF 20-2’s direct welding. Alejandro Figeuroa continues: “ICF 20-2’s forged housing is easier to configure and service while allowing for leak-proof operation under higher pressures and at lower temperatures.”

Combined with the leak-proof direct welding, a flat top cover gasket makes ICF 20-2 compatible with most natural refrigerants, including CO2, in applications down to -60ºC and up to 65 bar. This wide range of functionality makes the green transition easier - and helps you meet increasingly strict demands on the cooling industry - by accommodating more refrigerants safely and reliably.

Building sustainable cooling solutions relies on flexibility - and on that front, ICF 20-2 delivers. As part of the ICF platform, ICF 20-2 is engineered for seamless application scalability. That means you have the freedom to tailor it to your specific needs without compromising on serviceability or performance.

As the replacement for EVRA(T) 15/20, ICF 20-2 is a modern solenoid valve that will help you meet the demands for safer, more sustainable cooling solutions - today.

Features and benefits

  • Direct welding replaces flanged gaskets to prevent leaks, improve safety, and promote greener operation
  • Forged housing guarantees operation in a wider range of applications, including CO2, down to -60ºC and up to 65 bar
  • Streamlined two-welding design reduces complexity
  • ICF platform offers future-proof scalability in NH3, CO2, and flammable applications
  • 90% of currently used EVRA(T) connections are covered by a large variety of connection types and sizes
  • Butt-weld DIN, ASME and SOC, and Brazing connections for CO2 applications

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