Eliwell introduces the next-generation controller for refrigerated counters IDNext

Date: 20 February 2020
Eliwell introduces the next-generation controller for refrigerated counters IDNext
Eliwell is launching IDNext, the next-generation controller, in world preview at EUROSHOP 2020.

IDNext is an entirely new device on refrigeration equipment controller scene.This all-Italian solution was created by the research and development department of the company based in Belluno to provide high-tech answers to the needs of next-generation of refrigerated counters.

IDNext was designed to provide answers to the increasingly advanced application needs of the commercial refrigeration world, called to meet high standards in terms of energy classification and consequent environmental sustainability.Over recent years, the sector has evolved with the design of more efficient and sustainable refrigeration equipment, experiencing the massive use of natural refrigerants, the adoption of increasingly more energy-efficient components, such as electronic fans and LED lights, the use of variable speed compressors and new connectivity with the introduction of the Internet of Things into all applications.

With IDNext, Eliwell provides a cutting-edge control solution for the needs dictated by these new scenarios, responding to the issues arising from the use of flammable refrigerants and energy waste in the traditional defrosting cycles, to offer an innovative, efficient, easy-to-use solution to installers and a real advantage in terms of energy efficiency to end customers.

IDNext stands out for its design and for its user-friendly interface. With 11 icons and a high-visibility display, all features are clear at a glance to facilitate control and monitoring operations.Six touch buttons allow the prompt activation of programmable auxiliary functions.

Attention to detail is at the highest levels for this new product made by Eliwell. It is designed to facilitate cleaning, which is a fundamental requirement in food refrigeration.IDNext received a Green Premium label in the scope of the Schneider Electric voluntary classification project certifying it as a sustainable controller already in design.

The main innovation of the new controller is the modular defrosting process. This patented technology with no equals on the market optimises one of the most critical phases in the operation of refrigerated cabinets, which can now be managed without wasting energy.Traditionally, users could activate the defrosting function by choosing from a number of options but only one could be used at a time.With IDNext, on the other hand, users can exploit parallel process management allowing up to five to be selected and automatically activated, deciding when to run one cycle rather than another.This ensures that the defrosting function is only activated when it is actually needed, as soon as it is needed. It lasts less time, with a significant increase in energy efficiency.
The cooling circuit does not need to be modified to benefit from the advantages of modular defrosting. This makes the device interesting for retrofitting applications. An increase in the energy efficiency of the application can be appreciated simply by replacing the old controller.

Some IDNext models have a frequency output to drive variable speed compressors. The setting possibilities using dedicated parameters means that IDNext is compatible with most VSC compressors on the market.These IDNext models are equipped with an auto-tuning function that automatically configures to the ideal parameters for a certain type of application. It means that the installer can avoid additional operations and save valuable time.

IDNext was designed putting the safety of installers and end-users in the first place.Refrigerators working with natural refrigerants are certainly eco-sustainable but they imply a certain degree of danger due to the flammability of the refrigerants used.Therefore, the electronic controller must be designed in accordance with specific regulations so that it does not ignite sparks that could cause an explosive reaction in case of contact with leaked refrigerant.IDNext complies with IEC 60335-2-89, Annex BB, and is consequently compatible for use with flammable refrigerants in Category 2L (e.g. some HFO, R32 or ammonia) and Category 3 (hydrocarbons).

IDNext is smart, too. By installing the Eliwell AIR app, available for iOS and Android, and using the Bluetooth dongle accessory, the controller can connect to a smartphone for maximum ease of use and of commissioning, exploiting the practical import and export function the entire parameter map from one controller to another, for instance.

It also comes with a complete manual in digital format, which can be conveniently browsed on a smartphone or tablet, allowing quick retrieval of the most useful information on installation and commissioning.To use this service, simply download the MyEliwell app, for iOS and Android, and frame the QR Code on the product or on the data sheet included in the box.

Eliwell once again aims at product reliability and quality at the highest levels and for IDNext offers an extended warranty beyond industry standards.

IDNext is the new ally for installers, allowing them to do more, with simplified management from any mobile device.All in maximum safety, also on refrigerators working with flammable refrigerants.

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