Emerson solutions for R290 integral display case applications with single and multiple circuit design

Date: 29 October 2018
Emerson have presented at Chillventa its solutions for single and multiple circuit integral display cases with R290.

These solutions include both variable speed compression technology for single circuit integral display cases with higher refrigerant charge and fixed speed compression technology for multiple circuit integral display cases with low refrigerant charge, as well as matching flow controls, electronics and monitoring systems for both design.

Solutions for single circuit integral display cases

The Copeland Scroll YBVH variable speed horizontal compressor and frequency inverter for medium temperature cabinets is optimized for single circuit cabinets with higher refrigerant charge. The horizontal design of the compressor provides a compact solution to install the refrigeration system either on top or at the bottom of the cabinet. Variable speed modulation not only allows precise case temperature control but also provides an opportunity to retailers to save on operational costs.

The parametric and programmable controllers are tailored to control variable speed systems and ensure an optimal performance of the cabinets.

The flow controls such as expansion valves, pressure transmitters and safety pressure switches are designed for hydrocarbons with all the safety and regulatory aspects considered.

Solutions for multiple circuit integral display cases

The Copeland Scroll ZBKAU compressor for multiple circuit design compressor is optimized to work with a maximum charge of 150 grams and provides high energy efficiency. Its compact and fully hermetic design is ideal for the integral display case application working with propane.

The system controller options include both plug & play parametric controller and programmable controller that are tailored to the application requirements. Designed for complete system management, these controllers have Modbus capability for communication with the store monitoring device and have VDE and UL certifications.

Flow controls like expansion valves and pressure transmitters complete the Emerson solution as they are optimized and in compliance with hydrocarbon applications.
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