GEA BOCK is expanding its semi-hermetic CO₂ compressor range

Date: 08 February 2021
GEA BOCK is expanding its semi-hermetic CO₂ compressor range
The little ones among the strongest from GEA BOCK: With the new HGX24 CO₂ T range, GEA BOCK is expanding its semi-hermetic CO₂ compressor range with a specialist for transcritical applications in the lower capacity range.

Cooling capacities from 5 to 26 kW and heating capacities from 10 to 48 kW offer flexible stationary and mobile use in applications for supermarkets, commercial and small industrial refrigeration systems as well as for air conditioning and heat pumps in buses and trains. With their CO2-specific pressure design of up to 150 bar (HP) and 100 bar (LP) and a frequency range of up to 70 Hz, the gas-cooled compressors achieve the highest EER/COP values within their application spectrum – with up to 5 percent higher efficiency in standard medium cooling compared to commercially available compressors in this segment. "The new transcritical compressors have proven themselves in extensive internal testing and in numerous field tests with our customers and will be available from February 2021 – equipped as standard with all the necessary features for use with the natural refrigerant R744," says Manuel Fröschle, Product Manager Natural Refrigerants at GEA BOCK.

The advantages of the new range for planners, investors and operators: significantly reduced energy and operating costs combined with a long service life time with low maintenance requirements, a wide range of applications - from medium and low temperature applications to high-temperature heat pumps – with reliable and flexible part load, as well as excellent low-noise and low-vibration running comfort with a minimal oil carry over rate. The basis for this is a CO2-optimized driving gear design combined with proven BOCK compressor technology. This includes, for example, the oil pump for a reliable lubrication system even under demanding conditions including large permissible inclination angles of the compressors.

"Together with the compact dimensions, the low weight of only 116 kg maximum as well as standard market connection dimensions, the HGX24 CO2 T set new standards for transcritical economic solutions for smaller performance requirements in stationary and mobile applications," says Manuel Fröschle. " In this regard, they support the fulfillment of important energy and environmental protection requirements such as the European F-Gas Regulation or the global Kigali Agreement and meet strict requirements of European standards and ASERCOM guidelines."

The new range from the Frickenhausen-based compressor manufacturer is now also integrated as an additional module in the free online planning and design software BOCK VAP (compressor selection program) and BOCK CO2 Tool (system and compressor selection program).

For special subcritical requirements in low temperature applications with high operating and standstill pressures, the semi-hermetic BOCK CO2 compressor program will offer the specifically designed low temperature cooling variant HGX24 CO2 LT (Low Temperature) with two motor versions from June 2021.
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