HB Products presented new products in refrigeration industry

Date: 23 December 2021
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New wire sensor with a new counterweight

HB Products developed a new wire sensor with a higher accuracy and a wider measuring range. The new model is suitable in the range from 250 to 6000 mm.

The new wire sensor will be available from mid-January 2022.

The old counterweight was electrically connected to the wire and covered with PTFE to reduce the sensitivity. The new version is not electrically connected and the wire pass through the counterweight.

The new sensor is like the previous version suited for water and common refrigerants except CO2 and hydrocarbons

The new design has no dead zone, and it measures from the bottom of the counterweight to the top of the wire.


The product program for ammonia gas alarms HBGS is now extended to five versions ranging from 0-100 ppm and up to 0-15 %. 

The five versions are:

0-100 ppm
0-300 ppm
0-1000 ppm
0-5000 ppm
0-15 % (0-100% LEL)
The most sensitive sensors are suited for detection in cold stores, where it can detect very small amounts of ammonia before it harms the frozen goods. The less sensitive versions fulfill the requirements for gas leakage measurement in accordance with F-GAS regulation EU/517/2014 and can be used to register how high the ammonia level has been an warn against an explosion risk.

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