Hecoclima’s new HPT units

Date: 03 April 2024
Hecoclima’s new HPT units
The ProSeries range, which encompasses Hecoclima’s units with R290 refrigerant, expands further. HPT – the new air-cooled, reversible, high-temperature heat pumps designed for outdoor installation.

The new entry guarantees hot water production up to +65 °C, even with an outdoor air temperature as low as -15 °C. These temperature conditions enable the use of HPT heat pumps in a wide range of applications, both for producing domestic hot water and for replacing a boiler in a system where radiators are still present. HPT machines can also handle the high temperature cycle required for legionella, as well as produce hot water for industrial processes.

This new HPT product family includes 10 models of high-temperature heat pumps, all reversible. With a cooling capacity ranging from 80 to 310 kW (A35W7) and a heating capacity between 70 and 270 kW (A7W70), HPT heat pumps represent an extremely versatile solution for both process and comfort applications. These include residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, wellness centres, sports facilities, industrial plants, chemical and textile facilities, as well as companies operating in the food & beverage sector.

In addition to being remarkably versatile, Hecoclima’s new HPT units are also environmentally sustainable. The refrigerant gas used is propane, a natural refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3 and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0. HPT heat pumps complete Hecoclima’s VHA R290 range, which includes all air-cooled products with R290:

VHA CH – Chillers
VHA 4T – Multipurpose units
VHA HP – Reversible heat pumps
VHA HPT – High-temperature reversible heat pumps
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