Insulated and cooling packaging solutions from Sofrigam

Date: 01 May 2018
Sofrigam’s insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions respond to the most demanding needs of biotechnology specialists and pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They respond to the logistical and regulatory constraints for the transportation of pharmaceutical products via the cold chain and guarantee a constant temperature, whatever the transport conditions.

The smart, connected cold chain shipping box

iBox is a semi-active container with on-board electronics which ensures the maintenance of the cold chain and temperature monitoring during transportation of your pharmaceutical products. Its patented system regulates the temperature of the payload at +5°C, whatever the external climatic conditions. The temperature recorders provide accurate monitoring and control of your shipment. Protected, controlled and traced, your products are transported in complete safety.

Technology at the service of performance

Semi-active, it is an autonomous box equipped with a unique, patented temperature regulating system, inspired by a technology developed by NASA. The thermal regulation unit (TRU) continuously controls the stability of the temperature. Thanks to a thermostat, the regulation system opens and closes a thermal duct to drain the heat out of the payload area. As a result, the area is systematically stabilised at +5°C whatever the external temperature profile. The iBox combines a highly efficient insulating material, VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) with polyurethane which maintains efficiency for up to 5 days.

A very efficient temperature-controlled box

The iBox is equipped with temperature sensors both inside and outside of the container. The recorder can be programmed and configured in accordance with your needs. The recorded data provides accurate traceability of the temperature fluctuations throughout the journey. The display system located on the front of the box displays any temperature fluctuations in real time, and any temperature variations are immediately reported. With the arrival of the container, the Plug and Play technology allows immediate recovery of temperature readings for rapid release of batches.

A durable, insulated box, for purchase or hire

Extremely robust thanks to its external Flight Case type covering, the iBox can be reused more than 100 times. At the end of its life, we collect the box: 65% of its materials go back into the production cycle, 30% are recycled and 5% are destined for landfill. Offered for purchase or hire, with the latter option you benefit from equipment insurance, maintenance and replacement of the box if necessary. Accordingly, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint and optimizing your logistical costs.


  • Perfect temperature stability at +5°C
  • Traceability of temperatures
  • Can be reused 100 times


  Temperature ranges: +2/+8°C Duration: up to 120 hours Available volumes: 11 L and 36 L Insulation: injected polyurethane and very high density VIP External covering: flight-case (aluminium profile and plastic, alveolar panels) Cold source: phase change materials (PCM) Opening system: opens from the top Qualification: AFNOR NF S99-700
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