Kelvion presented new heat exchanger technology EQPipe

Date: 15 September 2020
Kelvion presented new heat exchanger technology EQPipe
Kelvion presented new heat exchanger technology EQPipe
Kelvion is supporting the growing trend in the refrigeration and heat pump market towards more environmentally friendly refrigerants, with its newly integrated heat exchanger technology EQPipe.

It has been a challenge to equip various sized brazed plate heat exchangers with different distribution systems. Now the geometric dimensioning can be varied or extended depending upon the individual use of refrigerant.

Compared to older refrigerants, the newer ones have different properties, which vary depending on the mixtures of the coolants. These differences can lead to an unfavorable flow behavior, causing an uneven distribution of the refrigerant. This in combination with the more new efficient heat pump technologies makes the perfect distribution necessary.

As a result, EQPipe is more efficient than conventional refrigerant distribution systems and able to solve more demanding new heat pump duties with much lower LMTD’s. Kelvion developed the EQPipe to offer a solution with a reliable and competitive product.

“By means of a freely configurable stainless steel tube, with flexible lengths, tube and nozzle diameters, our new distribution pipe can turn a potential uneven distribution of refrigerant into an even distribution,” explains Cornelia Schmidt, Head of Product Management. “Therefore all primary channels within the heat exchanger can be evenly supplied with refrigerant, thus 100% of the available surface area is used.

This results in the flexible use of low-GWP refrigerants in high efficiency brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE’s).”
The modular nature of the EQPipe allows Kelvion to expand and update its well-established brazed plate heat exchanger range of units with distribution systems. Kelvion also offers customized solutions with variable properties to original equipment manufacturers.

This new addition to the Kelvion heat exchanger technology portfolio combines high levels of efficiency with maximum flexibility to achieve the best thermodynamic results with today’s refrigerants. The EQPipe, which is also easy to handle and comes at a fair price, is available to customers using the selection software myKelvion HX.

This technology can and will be extended according to requirements of new refrigerants, applications and markets.
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