Kelvion Raises The Bar For Air Coolers

Date: 16 July 2019
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Kelvion has boosted its green credentials by extending the 90 bar operating pressures to three CO2 air cooler models. Following the launch of the KDC dual discharge cooler 90 bar version in 2018, the market SP cubic cooler and compact DF wedge cooler units are also available in 90 bar variants. Their maximum capacities are: KDC, 23 kW; SP, 50kW and DF, 11 kW.

The three air coolers are designed for refrigeration applications and can meet a wide range of CO2 system requirements, including supermarkets, distribution centers and storage of flowers, fruits and vegetables. They are built on tried and tested technology, operating safely and reliably. Kelvion has a strong track record in developing sustainable solutions, including energy-efficient technology using natural refrigerants. With the KDC, SP and DF units, it has raised the bar.

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