Mayekawa presented CO2 condensing unit "KOPEL"

Date: 27 March 2019
Mayekawa presented CO2 condensing unit KOPEL
Mayekawa presented CO2 condensing unit. CO2 direct expansion type condensing unit "KOPEL". Natural refrigerant in a 1000 ton class cold storage warehouse.

A simple condensing unit that uses a CO2 refrigerant. Ideal for cold storage warehouses and food factories around 1000 tons promoting natural refrigerants.

Main functions and features:
  • Use natural refrigerant CO2;
  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), global warming potential (GWP) 1;
  • Simple system;
  • It is a simple system that feeds and circulates CO2 refrigerant directly to the cooler;
  • Space saving installation;
  • It is a package type;
  • Air-cooled;
  • High pressure gas production notification not required, refrigeration security manager unnecessary.

  • Frozen storage facility;
  • Freezer freezing equipment;
  • Related adaptation field;
  • Low temperature distribution, frozen warehouse frozen food.

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