Mirai Intex Unveils Ecological Process Cooling Innovation

Date: 19 March 2024
Mirai Intex Unveils Ecological Process Cooling Innovation
MIRAI INTEX, a leading company in the refrigeration industry, proudly announced the launch of its latest product line, MIRAI X CRYO. This cutting-edge solution offers a temperature range from -120°C to +50°C, promising unparalleled performance and versatility across various industries.

Among the new products is the MIRAI XS CRYO, designed to address the specific requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing market, especially in dry etch process, playing a strategic role in many other industries.

MIRAI XS CRYO's standout feature is its commitment to sustainability, achieved through zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the used air technology. This not only underscores MIRAI's environmental responsibility but also ensures compliance with EU policies, where environmental concerns are central to decision-making.

A typical feature across the entire product portfolio of MIRAI INTEX is efficiency in various aspects of operation. With attributes such as energy efficiency, low maintenance, safety features, and absence of vibration or noise, these products emerge as future-proof solutions, leading the market.

MIRAI XS CRYO revolutionizes temperature control with its expansive range from -120°C to +50°C and unwavering reliability. Tailored specifically for the semiconductor industry, it ensures consistent and precise temperature regulation with exceptional accuracy of ±0.025°C at idle. Addressing the critical need for rapid temperature transitions, it boasts a Fast Cool-down speed, transitioning from +20°C to -100°C in just 30 seconds.

"With the unveiling of MIRAI X CRYO we're ushering a new era of sustainable operation with cooling speed and temperature accuracy”, said Vladyslav Tsyplakov, Development Director at MIRAI INTEX. But MIRAI X CRYO is more. It's a commitment to a 'forever ecological' tomorrow."

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