Mitsubishi Electric presented new water chiller with screw compressors and flooded evaporator

Date: 29 August 2019
Mitsubishi Electric presented new water chiller with screw compressors and flooded evaporator

High-efficiency and eco-friendly refrigerant

In industrial processes, a high amount of heat is generated due to friction of moving parts or as a result of thermal processes. Air conditioning units are therefore key elements for maintaining the optimal temperature of these applications.
Mitsubishi Electric has the refore designed FOCS3-W-G05-Y the new range of watercooled Climaveneta chillers with screw compressors optimized to work with low compression ratio. Thanks to the combination of shell and tube condenser, flooded evaporator and electronic expansion valve, and the use of green R513A (XP10) refrigerant,the new range delivers top performance with average EER values of 5.16 and SEER of 6.23, which fully respect the environment.

The solution for industrial processes

With a cooling capacity from 305 to 2410 kW, FOCS3-W-G05-Y has been specially designed to meet the main needs of production facilities in terms of flexibility, adaptability, and energy efficiency.
Its vertical and compact design allows for easy installation even in confined spaces, adapting to the most varied plant layouts and ensuring greater flexibility in the design of the plant and easy handling and placement of the unit during installation.
Continuous modulation of refrigeration capacity, guaranteed by sophisticated regulatory logic and control accuracy, also ensures maximum adaptability to the changing needs of the production plant.
Finally, the combination of flooded evaporator and fixed-speed compressor ensures maximum efficiency at full loads,thus reducing operating costs and maximizing the return on investment.

Innovative exchanger design

The flooded evaporator and shell and tube condenser, both designed and built internally, have an exclusive design aimed at maximizing the cooling capacity of the units and optimizing the operation of the compressors thanks to the high thermal exchange coefficient.

The shell and tube condenser has been sized to ensure reduced pressure drops on the water side and minimize pumping costs. In the evaporator, the complete flooding of the pipes is also guaranteed in partialized conditions by an electronic expansion valve managed by proprietary control logics.

The W3000

Control of FOCS3-W-G05-Y is entrusted to the W3000 software. Featuring advanced functions and algorithms, W3000+ has proprietary settings that ensure a quick response to the different dynamics of the plant, in any operating conditions.
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