New line controllers from Eliwell for supermarket counters

Date: 28 May 2021
New line controllers from Eliwell for supermarket counters
New line controllers from Eliwell for supermarket counters
For supermarkets, Eliwell offers DOMINO ZERO, the latest iteration of its efficient DOMINO controller for sustainable refrigeration systems with transcritical CO2. 

The addition of “zero” to the new controller's name represents the solution's goal of zero waste in consumption and maintenance. Domino Zero provides the right temperature in refrigeration cabinets with an electronic valve, but also optimises the cabinet’s efficiency with overheating control. 

Domino Zero expands the Eliwell-developed algorithm for Domino, as well as its scope: this high-efficiency control solution can be applied from refrigeration cabinet to racks. Domino Zero expands control options to additional valve types: compared to the first-generation Domino solution, Domino Zero can control both bipolar and unipolar valves, all via the same hardware. 

From open to closed cabinets, where anti-fog and frame resistor management is also required, the controller can deal with everything by simply choosing one of the preset configurations. Not only that, Domino Zero also gives you the ability to control other parameters, such as lighting, ventilation, any curtain closures for open storefronts and more. The controller also collects all operating information and can provide it to the Eliwell TelevisGo monitoring system, to ensure that the supermarket owner and maintenance technicians are promptly notified in the event of a fault.

The benefits of using this solution result in energy consumption savings, lower installation costs courtesy of the preset configurations, and a reduction in maintenance requirements. Supermarkets created with RTX 600 DOMINO ZERO and EWCM 9000 PRO-HF controllers for transcritical CO2 systems confirm how refrigeration systems can be integrated with HVAC to reduce the cost of equipment, the space occupied by systems, energy consumption and maintenance costs by over 25%.

Domino Zero is ideal for transcritical CO2 systems but can be used for all refrigerants. The product forms part of EcoStruxure for Retail, the orchestrator where all the solutions needed to make a store smarter and more interconnected converge, ensuring more efficient management and improving safety and comfort.

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