New MIRAI Cold Product Portfolio

Date: 22 January 2024
New MIRAI Cold Product Portfolio
MIRAI Intex is pleased to introduce a new range of ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems, MIRAI COLD PRODUCT PORTFOLIO, based on air cycle technology and capable of withstanding temperatures down to -160 oC.

MIRAI provides innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical, energy, process, chemical and food industries.

Ultra-low temperature technology: MIRAI is entering new markets with three new refrigeration systems in the core MIRAI Cold range (MC 20 D, MC 30 T), as well as the updated design and features of the MC 80 T. The company has introduced an expanded range of MIRAI Cold LNG systems for gas liquefaction (MIRAI Cold 50 LNG, MC 90 LNG, MC 150 LNG).

Key Features:

  • Environmentally friendly refrigeration technology with 0 GWP refrigerant
  • Oil-free turbochargers
  • High energy efficiency
  • Remote monitoring
  • Minimum Maintenance Requirements
  • Among other things, ease of installation and project planning.

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