New semi-hermetic Bock LG compressor range

Date: 07 October 2020
New semi-hermetic Bock LG compressor range

Seven model sizes with 25 capacity stages: With the new LG range (LG = Low GWP), which has been specially designed for use with low-GWP HFO refrigerants, the refrigeration and air-conditioning specialist GEA Bock will in future offer a semi-hermetic compressor portfolio with suitable compressor technology for all synthetic refrigerants. This includes both the common HFC fluids and the new HFO low-GWP fluids with a GWP value of less than 150. "This will enable planners and operators to implement individually configurable, economical system solutions for future-proof refrigerants that safely and sustainably meet the requirements for the global phase-down of F-gases - as regulated in the F-Gas Regulation and the Kigali Amendment, among others," says Dalibor Sandor, Product Manager at GEA Bock in Frickenhausen. The global market launch will take place in October 2020.

HFO refrigerants require special compressor technology

The development of the new LG compressor range is the result of continuous research including internal and external long-term tests in various applications. "Here it became clear that conventional compressors are not suitable for safe and reliable operation with HFO refrigerants. The driving gears and seals in particular generally lost their functional reliability in the long term due to the higher requirements of these refrigerants," explains Dalibor Sandor. Different refrigerants require compressors with a special technical design was the conclusion of the GEA Bock experts - for maximum robustness, reliability and durability over the entire life cycle of a system.

Optimized Bock driving gear design

HFO refrigerants such as R455A or R1234ze place significantly higher demands on the compressors than standard HFC refrigerants such as R404A and R134a - especially with regard to the driving gear, keyword emergency running properties. The reason: HFO refrigerants have a much higher solubility in oil, which leads to a sharp reduction in oil viscosity and thus increases the susceptibility to compressor damage. For this reason, Bock engineers - based on their many years of experience in dealing with the technically demanding refrigerants CO2 and hydrocarbons - have developed a special driving gear design for the new LG range that makes the compressors "less sensitive" to falling oil viscosity. Other new features of the market innovation from Frickenhausen include special sealing materials, a special oil filling for heat pump applications and a motor protection as an accessory pack.

Stand-alone range

"Within the semi-hermetic Bock standard HG compressor program, the new LG compressors are a stand-alone series with a complete range of products that exceed all the features and advantages of our globally proven standard range," emphasizes Sandor. Current information, for example on technical data, performance data and operating limits, can be accessed online via the Bock compressor selection program (VAP):

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