Panasonic’s NEW Big Aquarea T-CAP M Series

Date: 25 March 2024
Panasonic’s NEW Big Aquarea T-CAP M Series
Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions proudly unveils its new Big Aquarea T-CAP M Series heat pump at Mostra Convengo Expocomfort. The heat pumps offer a flexible, compact and energy-efficient solution for central heating and domestic hot water installations in multi-family dwellings or commercial buildings.

The new units offer an impressive blend of versatility and sustainability, making it the ideal choice for both new construction and retrofitting projects. It can be easily integrated with water systems such as fan coils, floor heating, domestic hot water tanks and especially radiators due to the fact it can achieve 75°C heating water even at -15°C outdoors. With a focus on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, the system utilises the natural refrigerant R290, which has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 3, providing a powerful alternative to traditional fossil fuel heating methods which are harmful to the environment.

Offering advanced scalability options, the Big Aquarea M Series is available in sizes ranging from 20, 25 and 30 kW capacities, with the capability to scale up to 300 kW in cascade. Up to 10 units can be seamlessly connected, providing sophisticated flexibility in system design. As well as its increased capacity potential, the new units are as visually appealing as they are functional, blending seamlessly with architectural and environmental aesthetics.

Panasonic’s unique technology, T-CAP, enhances Big Aquarea even more at low temperatures, maintaining the capacity even at -20°C outdoors without the use of an electrical heater. One T-CAP unit can provide the same capacity at low temperatures as two other units without T-CAP technology, reducing the cost of materials and installation, and saving space.

The units, manufactured in Europe, are designed to maximise the performance of the Panasonic Inverter Compressor, converting this in a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for maintaining indoor comfort, with COP up to 4,66 at 7/35, and it can even sustain capacity at 55°C water outlet down to -15°C outdoor temperature. Not only does it deliver exceptional performance, but it does so with minimal noise, ensuring maximum comfort.

Users can choose from flexible control options, including remote control only or a control module for enhanced functionality. The Big Aquarea includes Wi-Fi connectivity for Aquarea Smart Cloud and Aquarea Service Cloud, multiple PCB features, demand control SG Ready, and can provide new cascade control and several BMS protocol options.
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