RDM announce a major software update

Date: 16 June 2021
RDM announce a major software update
Resource Data Management (RDM) is delighted to announce a major software update for the Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controller. The Intuitive Transcritical Superpack Controller is designed for use in multi-compressor and gas cooler control in industrial and commercial CO2 refrigeration systems.

Software v5.0 incorporates a number of features that were initially released in December 2020 for the Intuitive Superpack Controller. From today, the software will ship in all new hardware. Customers wishing to upgrade software on-site can obtain a copy of the software from their regional technical support team.

Superpack v5.0

The update includes significant new features that were introduced in v5.0 of the Intuitive Superpack Controller, a pack/rack and condenser controller designed for use with conventional refrigerants. The addition of internal data logging, customisable Universal (analogue) IO configuration, alarm email notifications and more expand the flexibility and reliability of the Superpack range of products. For additional details on these changes, see the Superpack v5.0 News Release.

CO2 Transcritical

A new Parallel Compressor Section provides support for controlling receiver pressure in parallel with or in place of the receiver valve (flash gas valve). The section uses a dedicated receiver pressure input or can be mapped to any transducers already connected to the controller. An ambient temperature sensor/probe input is used to stage off compressors if the ambient temperature drops below a defined setpoint. The section supports additional pressure and temperature inputs for monitoring purposes. Optional oil injection control is also available for the Parallel Section. The use of parallel compressors can vastly improve performance and energy efficiency of transcritical systems, especially in warm climates.

Several changes have been implemented in the Gas Cooler Section. A new Fail Setpoint parameter provides an additional safety feature through a user-defined set point in the event of sensor/probe failures. The addition of Standby and General Fault Inputs, previously only available on compressor sections, strengthen the section’s safety and alarming capabilities.
Operation of the gas cooler valve output has also been enhanced. In the event of a Receiver Low-Pressure alarm, the valve will open in a controlled manner based on user-defined settings. The ability to open the gas cooler valve gradually in the event of low receiver pressure helps to better regulate the recovery of the system and provide a controlled response to a problem condition.
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