Refrigerant update for testo 550, testo 557 and Smart Probes refrigeration kit

Date: 16 June 2018

Testo has announced that 13 new refrigerants can now be integrated into our 550 and 557 digital refrigeration manifolds, and Smart Probe refrigeration kit.

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The new refrigerants will be automatically updated on the Testo refrigeration app and the Testo Smart Probe app and can be transferred onto the Bluetooth-enabled testo 550, 557 refrigeration manifolds as well as the testo Smart Probe Refrigeration Kit.

The new refrigerants include: R1233zd, R407H, R444B, R450A, R452B, R453a, R454A, R454B, R454C, R455A, R458A, R513A and SP22.

Testo digital manifolds and smartprobe refrigeration kits are used by engineers as replacements for analogue gauges used in servicing refrigeration & heat pump systems. They are proving highly popular with technicians because of their accuracy, efficiency and robustness. There are many advantages for using Testo digital refrigerant gauges: Easy-to-read screens, accurate readings, convenience of one gauge doing over 80 refrigerants, automatic calculation of superheat & sub cool, smartphone connectivity giving the added benefit of simple convenient reporting.

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