Smashtag Chill Launch

Date: 09 March 2019
Smashtag Chill Launch

Used in conjunction with the Smashtag Chill app for both Android and iPhone devices, the new data logger monitors the cold chain more easily, quickly and at a lower cost than traditional approaches. Ideal for use in the transport of fresh produce, frozen foods, refined foodstuffs (such as chocolate, wine and cheese) and pharmaceuticals, Smashtag stores data securely in the Cloud and makes it available for authorised users anywhere in the world to access.

The state-of-the-art temperature logger could not be simpler to use. To start logging the temperature, users simply press the button on the tag, which can either be attached to a box via its self-adhesive pad or left loose in a container. If, during shipment, the temperature exceeds pre-set limits, the red alarm light will begin to flash. Once the product has arrived at its destination, the recorded temperature data can be downloaded via Bluetooth using the Smashtag app on an Android or iOS device by again pressing the button on the tag. Once downloaded, the temperature data is sent up to the Cloud where it is stored and shared with the appropriate parties.

Matt Sims, MD of Smashtag, said, “The market research we undertook at the beginning of our product development found that a number of companies had boxes full of old USB data loggers that they needed to get rid of and, on further discussion, we were told that a number of them had never been downloaded because they couldn’t get the software to work! Meanwhile, the suppliers who put the loggers in the containers at source complained that they never got the data back from their customers, so it was clear there was a problem we could solve.”

“As almost everybody has a smartphone and wireless networks are everywhere,” explained Matt Sims, “Bluetooth was an obvious technology choice. Being low cost and simple to use, we believe Smashtag will allow more people to acquire temperature data more quickly.” In addition, with Smashtag the cold chain remains unbroken. “Although many refrigerated trucks and containers today are temperature-monitored,” continued Matt Sims, “your product can be moved between vehicles, breaking the chain of data. With a Smashtag within your packaging, you can be sure your product has been kept within the correct temperature range throughout its journey.”

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