The new born in the EV3 200 range of controllers

Date: 24 March 2021
The new born in the EV3 200 range of controllers
EV3 200 Web is a controller for refrigerated units at low, static or fan-driven, temperatures with compressor protection function and energy-saving strategies, such as adaptive defrost and set-point adjustment.
The controller has a built-in Ethernet port for wired network connection and is natively compatible with the cloud platform EPoCA, the EVCO professional system for the remote management of HORECA equipment. For more details, please visit the “Remote management and monitoring products/systems” section of our website.
Besides operating as a controller, EV3 200 Web also works as an RS-485 gateway with bridging function of other 10 EPoCA-compatible controllers. Thanks to the communications protocols available on the Ethernet port (including MODBUS TCP), the device network under EV3 200 Web can be managed either from our platform EPoCA or from third-party supervision systems.
Available in a compact 74x32 format with LED display and capacitive touch keys, the front has a flat surface with IP65 protection for an easy cleaning.
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