ASHRAE Winter Conference 2020

Where: United States, North America
When: 01 February 2020 - 05 February 2020
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Join over 3,000 buildings-related engineers, architects, contractors, students, and other industry professionals for this 5-day event packed with technical sessions, education, industry-advancing committee meetings and social events.
Conference badge will provide entrance to the AHR Expo, the world’s largest HVAC&R marketplace.

There will be released a publication called Proclaiming the Truth, which chronicles the beginnings and growth of ASHRAE at the event. 

Technical program

The 2020 ASHRAE Winter Conference technical program is comprised of eight tracks, selected to represent areas of focus common among ASHRAE membership. The track focus areas include HVAC&R fundamentals and applications, systems and equipment, refrigeration and refrigerants, and other specific topics including novel approaches to HVAC&R systems and buildings for contemporary concerns and analytical techniques to economically automate buildings.

1. HVAC&R Fundamentals and Applications:  Fundamentals are the foundation for understanding applications in engineering. Key components of ASHRAE fundamentals include thermodynamics, psychrometrics, fluid and mass flow. This track provides opportunities for papers and presentations of varying levels across a large topic base. Concepts, design elements and shared experiences for theoretical and applied concepts of HVAC&R design are included.

2. Systems and Equipment:  HVAC&R Systems and Equipment are constantly evolving to address the changing requirements of the built environment. Papers and programs in this track will focus on the development of new systems and equipment, improvements to existing systems and equipment and the proper application and operation of systems and equipment. 

3. Refrigeration and Refrigerants: Refrigeration is a critical element of modern life, from preserving food and medicine to maintaining comfort.  With significant changes on the horizon for refrigerant regulations, along with new applications for refrigeration systems being frequently applied, there is more need than ever to understand both the fundamental and advanced concepts and issues related to refrigeration.  Papers and programs in this track will focus on refrigerants, refrigerant regulation, refrigeration cycles and refrigeration applications.

4. Cutting Edge Approaches:  This track focuses on novel approaches to HVAC&R systems and buildings due to changing energy, economic, and environmental concerns. Papers and programs will focus on emerging approaches such as the critical Water-Energy nexus, natural/emerging refrigerants and other cutting edge approaches pertaining to HVAC&R systems and buildings.

5. High Efficiency Design and Operation: Submissions are requested regarding high efficiency design and operation of commercial and residential buildings, including specialty building types.

6. Big Data and Smart Controls: This track examines the use of big data, advanced algorithms, occupancy-based control strategies, data mining and other analytical techniques to economically automate buildings. Given the intersection with the larger world of IT, cybersecurity is also a topic of interest in this track.

7. Ventilation, IAQ and Air Distribution Systems: This track solicits submissions pertaining to the design, operation and study of ventilation and air distribution systems in residential and commercial buildings. The intersection of these systems with respect to indoor air quality and health effects are also of significant interest for this track.

8. Standards, Guidelines and Codes: ASHRAE is a leader in the development of standards and guidelines pertaining to the indoor environment; these standards and guidelines are used to shape codes. This track invites submissions pertaining to standards for buildings, HVAC&R systems and IAQ.

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