<strong>EUREKA 2017: Heating, Cooling & Ventilation: Sustainable technologies for a better life</strong>

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The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) and the European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA) are delighted to invite you to "EUREKA 2017: Heating, Cooling & Ventilation: Sustainable technologies for a better life" on 11-12 December in Berlin, Germany.

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<strong>A unique networking event</strong>

For the second year in a row, EPEE and EVIA will host a high-level conference bringing together NGOs, academia, decision-makers, and industry professionals across the HVAC-R value chain to brainstorm, build bridges, and positively impact our daily environment.

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<strong>Meet Generation Z</strong>

Heating, cooling and ventilation affects the daily lives of citizens across the globe. Our two EU associations have made it their mission to explain how we can continue to make a difference to people and ensure future generations inhabit a comfortable environment, wherever they may be.

Generation Z, who was at the heart of EUREKA 2016, will be actively involved in discussions during EUREKA 2017, and will explore – with our industry – the best way for the HVAC-R sector to answer to future consumers' demands and make solutions fit for the future.

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<strong>Join the EUREKA experience</strong>

EPEE & EVIA will be welcoming you:

• On Monday 11 December from 15.00 for the EUREKA 2017 opening Plenary Session, featuring a keynote speech by a distinguished guest,

• In the evening from 19.30 for a Gala dinner, giving you a unique opportunity to network,

• On Tuesday 12 December for a one-day conference, combining panel debates and brainstorming sessions.


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