European Heat Pump Summit 2019

Where: Germany, Europe
When: 22 October 2019 - 23 October 2019
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The European Heat Pump Summit – powered by Chillventa – will deliver professional expertise at its finest on 22 and 23 October 2019, focusing on professional knowledge-transfer at the highest level. Over the two days of the event at the Nuremberg exhibition venue, heat pump experts from around the world can enjoy in-depth, wide-ranging professional exchanges, discuss research results, and find out about the latest trends and developments in a compact format. The accompanying Foyer Expo, which is of an equally high standard, provides the appropriate practical context.
For the sixth time now, the European Heat Pump Summit – powered by Chillventa – will offer heat pump experts an interesting, high-calibre congress programme. It will focus on the commercial and industrial use of heat pumps and provide detailed descriptions of the applications involved. In addition, there will be an in-depth exploration of the markets in Europe and worldwide. 
As well as looking at innovative technologies in component manufacture and the specific use of heat pumps in commerce and industry, the summit will also explore topics such as refrigerants, the use of hybrid systems, and high-temperature heat pumps. The congress is aimed at researchers, technicians, product developers, decision-makers and consulting engineers, component manufacturers and suppliers, designers and architects, and operators of heat pumps in industrial and commercial environments. 

“The European Heat Pump Summit has become established as a major event in Europe on the topic of heat pumps. The dynamic interplay between the theoretical, highly technical knowledge transfer in the congress, the chance to expand your international network at the get-together and the practical context provided by the Foyer Expo is what makes this event such a special highlight for the international heat pump community,” says Daniela Heinkel, Senior Manager European Heat Pump Summit, NürnbergMesse. 

First-class heat pump expertise

The two-day congress offers a wealth of presentations in an extensive programme that is available to download now. More than 30 prominent German and international speakers will be available to answer questions about the status quo and importance of the heat pump. A broad range of topics will be covered: 
  • Information about the challenges and opportunities in the heating and refrigeration sectors will be provided directly by the European Partnership for Energy and Environment (EPEE), which will provide an overview of European and global developments.
  • The Swedish association of research institutes RISE will report on the use of heat pumps in humid climates, while the University of Rapperswil in Switzerland will show how heat pumps can be integrated into nZEB (nearly zero energy buildings). The University of Maryland in the USA will explore the options for “low GWP” refrigerants for use in heat pumps.
  • Among other things, presentations by component manufacturers will show how heat exchanger design is moving towards the use of small refrigerant charges in line with safety classes A2L and A3. The use of refrigerants in hot water heat pumps will also be discussed.
  • The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) will explore the successful use of industrial heat pumps for industrial drying at temperatures of up to 160°C, while the French research institute EDF will examine their application in a high temperature district heating network. The industrial drying process is an especially effective use of heat pumps, as the University of Ghent in Belgium is demonstrating through the use of a test bench.

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