Сryogenics Forum

Where: Germany, Europe
When: 18 September 2019 - 20 September 2019
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Three Day Cryogenics Forum - Cryogenics - Basic Principles, Technical Applications And Trends

Discover the fundamentals of cryogenics and its applications in this forum. You will learn how to generate low temperature environments with various refrigeration systems and refrigerants. After this advanced training, you will be familiar with the current state of the art of cryogenics and know how to safely design and construct a cryogenic systems.

Safely design, construction, and operate cryogenic systems

Cryogenics - also known as low temperature technology - is becoming increasingly important in industrial applications. Fields of application include storing liquid hydrogen as fuel for fuel cell vehicles. High-field superconducting magnets are another application area. In this case, liquid helium cools magnetic coils.

During the 3-day "Cryogenics” Forum, you will learn how to generate low temperatures and how to thermodynamically balance cooling circuits by using different refrigeration systems. After participating, you will know: 

  • which refrigerants, materials and insulators are used in cryogenics

  • what to consider when dealing with liquid helium

  • which sensors are suitable for low temperatures

  • how to design cryogenic systems and what specifications are to be observed 

Upon completion of the forum, you will be able to implement the relevant safety requirements on cryogenic systems.

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