Embraco will be powering Fricon’s new line of applications at EuroShop 2020

Date: 14 February 2020
Embraco will be powering Fricon’s new line of applications at EuroShop 2020

New line of commercial appliances powered by Embraco, that will be presented at EuroShop 2020, can reach 55% of energy saving.

On EuroShop Embraco solutions will be powering Fricon’s new line of applications for commercial refrigeration. Through this partnership it has been possible to create a line of products that reduce up to 55% of energy consumption, when compared with conventional similar systems. Embraco, which is now part of Nidec Global Appliance, is one of the largest global cooling specialists and it has provided to Fricon, a food and beverage refrigeration industry, its trendy solutions of inverter (variable speed) and bivolt technologies.

The applications, co-developed with Fricon, include a horizontal freezer, for frozen products, and a vertical showcase, for beer and energetic beverages conservation. The solutions use the FMF compressor, which brings the features of inverter and bivolt technologies combined with natural refrigerant R290, making it not only sustainable but the most efficient commercial compressor in the market.

Embraco’s bivolt technology allows the compressor to work in a broader range of tension, the double of a conventional model, which means that these applications can work almost anywhere in the world without the need of adaptations. Such a feature assures that the appliance will keep working even with power peaks and unstable energy lines.

In parallel, the inverter (variable speed) technology means that the compressor is set to control its working speed, decreasing it when the ideal temperature has been achieved and also increasing it when there is need for more cold. It provides better temperature control, lower noise and energy efficiency and can, alone, reduce energy consumption by 40% in comparison with conventional fixed speed compressors. That is because conventional compressors turn off when the ideal temperature is reached, and turn on again when there is need for more cold - which requires a big amount of energy.

The use of natural refrigerant R290 adds to these applications an energy economy of another 15%, reaching the whole 55% of consumption reduction. It also brings to the applications a major sustainability gain, because R290 does no harm to the ozone layer and has low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

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