Emerson Introduces GO USB Data Loggers

Date: 12 August 2021
Emerson Introduces GO USB Data Loggers
Emerson announced the launch of its new GO USB Logger suite of products. These programmable and reusable data loggers collect time, temperature and humidity data from perishable products in-transit. Vital cold chain information can be downloaded and viewed when a product reaches its destination, helping ensure only the freshest and safest products reach consumers.

Grower/shippers, third-party logistics companies, retailers, foodservice companies and the life sciences industry use GO USB loggers to record and view critical cold chain data. This product was designed to help our customers meet the various requirements for vaccine handling with options to satisfy both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Three product variations are available in the GO USB Logger suite: the GO USB Temp, GO USB Humidity and GO USB Probe. Depending on the product model, the loggers measure ambient temperature only (GO USB Temp), ambient temperature and humidity (GO USB Humidity), or ambient and probe temperatures (GO USB Probe). The GO USB Probe can be disconnected and used as a stand-alone temperature device.

GO USB loggers can collect a range of useful information such as mean kinetic temperature, minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity, average temperature, alerts and much more. These data points are viewed on a liquid crystal display (LCD) and can be presented in a secure PDF report, which is generated automatically when the logger is connected to a PC. An audit trail is also provided within the PDF report, with time stamps showing a range of events that coincide with when the logger is used. Data gathered and stored can be shared easily among key stakeholders.

“The GO USB Logger suite of products are easily configurable via software to meet a user’s unique cold chain measurement needs,” said Alex Axelsson, product manager, cargo for Emerson’s cold chain business. “With one software for all three products, the loggers are flexible enough to be used alone or together, to meet a variety of applications.”
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